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Everything is good, I am satisfied with the service. vernonmelvindesilvab1df, 30 Mar 2018, Selangor
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Melamine base cabinet with rubberwood top for kitchen. I'm satisfied.Hatta, 31 Oct 2018
Mr Shah did a fantastic job and came on time, quickly, and did the job neatly. He also was very no frills - went to the hardwar...Shannon, 1 Aug 2021, Selangor
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Pada permulaannya, saya mendapat nombor telefon Mr. Wong (WCM One Stop Construction) daripada laman web recommend.my selepas sa...Ika, 17 Apr 2021, Selangor
The ppl who service reach before scheduled time. Their personality are quite polite and nice. Service overall is okay.Jeff, 30 Dec 2019, Selangor
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Very helpful ,friendly and understanding as I’m having trouble trying to fix a very bad renovation. He was still willing to ta...Amelia, 25 Dec 2018
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Super accommodating. Excellent communication. Reasonable pricing. Highly recommend!Imree, 13 Apr 2019, Selangor
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Very accommodating even though I made the request at the last minute. Technicians really helped to solve the problem with my ai...Hafizi, 30 Oct 2021, Selangor
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I like his way of handling client Well mannered and explains in detail . thank you Milly, 14 Dec 2019, Selangor
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Recommend.my makes it safer and more convenient with verified pros, fast response, upfront costing, and moneyback guarantee.

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Call a plumber instead of fixing these 5 problems yourself

There are a lot of ambitious people who prefer to DIY when it comes to fixing things around their home. As much as we support their effort, we think that if the fixing involves plumbing work, hiring a plumber is a much better option. Especially if you have one of these problems:

1. Changing a toilet bowl - Toilet bowls, after a while, will show signs of wear and tear even though it is still functioning well. If the toilet bowl has a broken lid and seat cover, scratches and stains all over, it is better to replace it with a new one. A professional plumber can easily fix this issue for you.

2. Burst water pipes - This is a common problem in the kitchen and outdoor water pipe that are being used regularly. It will start off with dripping water from the pipe even after when you have switched it off. After some time, the head will be loose and lead to bursting pipe. So, get it fix as soon as possible before it gets worse.

3. Water overflow from the tank - For landed properties, there is a water tank on their roof. There are cases where there is a leakage on the ceiling and it doesn’t just happen on rainy days. Chances are, the water overflow from the tank is causing the leak on the ceiling. Find a plumber who can inspect and rectify the problem immediately.

4. Change water taps - Either you want to follow the trend of using copper water tap or simply because the tap is broken and needs to be replaced, get a plumber to do it. Although it seems like a simple task, taps and faucets come from many manufacturers and have different installation steps. An experienced plumber would be able to do the task with no hassle.

5.  Install instant water heater - Should you plan to install an instant water heater in the bathroom, don’t take any chances of doing it yourself. A proper installation by a professional plumber is needed as it involves plumbing and electricity. If the water heater is not properly installed, it might become a safety hazard.

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