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At IRD Construction Works we believe in providing honesty, responsibility, best quality, affordable & durability solution all our clients. We too provide FREE consultation solutions, from plann...

I'm very happy with the quality work and services provided... was doing my kitchen renovation & special effect painting.... the...- Jessical, 14 Dec 2015

Interior Design / Renovation / One Stop services Nature Of Business : - 1) Wet Works : cement & concrete, concrete, water proofing. 2) Plaster Ceiling & Partition 3) Painting : emulsion, Woo...

Highly recommended- Lovella, 5 Mar 2020, Selangor
Recommended contractor. Did not mark-up pricing much and completed quality work .- rine69, 18 Oct 2019, Selangor

We do all kinds of building works: -Brickwork -Metalwork -Handyman -Plumbing -Carpet cleaning work -Floor Restoration -Roof & Awning

Nice work done - teo179faf8, 20 Jun 2019
Honest and good work! - scmyscsi, 17 Jun 2019, Selangor

Attic Conversion Specialist & General Contracting Services

Civil & structural contractor including team professional services from Architect, Interior Designer, Civil & Structural Engineers, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. include services for submis...

Repair machine and wiring include renovation

We offer air conditioning services such as indoor /out door cleaning, installation/relocation,parts replacement,troubleshooting and repairing . Cover major brands such as DAIKIN ,HAIER ,ACSON etc ...

Service was really good. Extremely satisfied with the work.- Sardar Muhammad, 17 Mar 2021, Selangor
service is good- Sarmita, 19 Jan 2021, Selangor

we provide best Service at cheap rate

Eminent Builder is an all-round renovation contractor for your home or commercial projects

Professional, timely, high quality work- Tracey, 17 Jun 2014
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