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  • At Inertia Marketing, we strive to provide our clients with top-notch marketing/media solutions such as graphic design, media buying, social media management & event management. We even have a certified yoga instructor under our roof. Services we provide : -Graphic Design From designing visual/artwork for your child's birthday party t...


    We got this pro to design us an A5 flyer on both sides after looking at their portfolio. We are h... jared6

  • Latitude Five Production or also known as L5 which is established in Penang, Malaysia since 2012. The team with over 10 years of experience in event industry and had confronted various type of events. With its wings spread across all major cities of the country to take care of the local co-ordination and management. With this never ending journ...


    AMD penang company team building. We have an extraodinary and fun experience from the team buildi... Lih Yi Yam

  • Our company was founded in 1990 and will give the best service to the customer to meet their needs.


    I want to thank both of you as well as your crew for a job well done. Asyraf suggestions for the ... Shazrin

  • Event Management Office Supply Sticker Printing Souvenir Item Banner Bunting Tshirt Printing Furniture


    We has new Business Cards designed and printed, the design fitted our brief perfectly and the fol... SYAZRIN

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