Pricing estimate for Home Cleaning in KL / Selangor #157247

Request details from A.H.

    What type of property requires cleaning?

    Condominium, Apartment

    How big is the size of the property?

    1001 - 1800 sf

    How often do you need a cleaner?

    1 month, 4 sessions (RM21/hour)

    How long should the cleaner come for each session?

    4 hours / session (1 cleaner x 4 hours or 2 cleaners x 2 hours)

    Do you need us to provide cleaning supplies?

    No, I will provide

    Do you need the cleaner to do additional tasks? (optional)

    Ceiling fan

    Do you have a pet? (optional)


    When do you need the service?

    28/08/2019 - Lunchtime (11:00 - 13:00)

    Alternative date:

    27/08/2019 - Lunchtime (11:00 - 13:00)

    Location of the job?

    Full address will be shown when customer responds

    Any more details? This helps the vendor give a better estimate. (optional).

    Request that cleaner comes on same day and time each Wednesday at 11.00 am - 1.00pm in the next 3 months as per contract. However in the event that I am away/unavailable (ex. travelling or unexpected appointment) at the agreed day & time I will inform vendor for a change in schedule.

    Request that the cleaner completes all agreed/scheduled work and not just finish the 4 hours as per my previous experience where the vendor is only interested in finishing up the 4 hours irrespective whether the cleaner has completed agreed work.

    Cleaner must be well trained to do the various/standard house chores; honest in doing work; trustworthy (no stealing); cooperative (my previous experience where the cleaner does not want to listen to my instructions); and reliable (genuinely does work).

    If the performance is good I will not hesitate to continue with the service in the future.

    However I REQUEST if the assigned cleaner is not doing a good job, that I should be given the option to be given another cleaner as a replacement, for the duration of the contract.

    Attach any photos for reference (optional, 10MB max per file)


    This customer prefers to use


Here are the pros who quoted:

  • We are experienced transporters, which operates for almost 10 year in transport industry. We have served more than 5000+ customer. From 1 unit delivery to warehouse re-location, also to mention about bungalows, and high profile customers too. Our motto "Your Satisfaction, Our Need".


    Prompt response to quotation request. Early on moving out day. Friendly staffs. Careful movers an... Kar Yee

  • Dear Sir, This is a newly formed company to provide a reliable and trustworthy services. As the owner of this company I am personally responsible for all services and ready to give a money back guarantee on any claim against any service provided by my company. Please add your best description to describe the reliability and trustworthiness of...

  • With more than 1 year experience in this field make us become one of trusted company for house cleaning & maintenance. Thats why we are capable of providing excellent service from cleaning to the other things. And remember, just one call cleans it all!!!


    Afiq was very friendly and flexible in terms of timing. He was kind enough to come all the way ju... PatrickVillavert

  • I am available to discuss anytime. Please click on my telephone number above, or click 'call me with your best offer' and I will contact you. Thank you!


    This GMJ ENTERPRISE very panctual and disciple company about cleaning service. I abselutely very ... Yus Syukri

Average Quoted Price: RM 336

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