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    How often do you need the home cleaning?

    One time only

    How many hours of cleaning do you need?

    4 hours

    Do you need us to provide cleaning supplies?

    No, I will provide

    Do you need home disinfection?


    When do you need the service?


    Alternative date:


    Do you require additional tasks? (Optional).

    Cleaning ceiling fan

    What time do you need the service?

    11AM - 1PM

    Alternative Time:

    1 - 3PM

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    Recommend pay

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  • PAKAR MENGHILANGKAN KOTORAN DI RUMAH DAN PEJABAT ANDA. Anda mencari pembantu rumah?? Nak cuci rumah anda?? Nah,kami ada pakej cuci rumah dengan harga yang berpatutan dan tawaran HEBAT!!!!!!! . Kami boleh bantu anda cuci rumah dlm masa 2 JAM shj!  . ✉ CALL/WSUP "CUCI" untuk kami berikan servis cuci yang terbaik buat anda . ===========...


    Good calvinchan3289a

  • Comfort Cleaning Center Sdn. Bhd. was established since year 2005 and have over the years evolved to become the pioneer and most specialized cleaning company in Penang. Comfort Cleaning were incorporated in Malaysia with the company business registration no of 733087-W. We have extensive experience in cleaning all types of buildings and premises...

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