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  • Do Re Mi, Malaysia's First Complete Event Solution! DRM has some of the best experts in the event field who bring vibrancy, articulation & a bucket load of knowledge to bring your event to life... Our tagline says it all "Event Planning Made Easy". Made easy for you so that you do not need to be distracted by the hassle, the worry & the st...


    All-in-one event rental & supply from DoReMi! Excellent technicians...have A-Z event equipment! G... gingertan

  • Absolute Pleasure Entertainment is an Event Management and Marketing company. We work closely with a group of professional musicians and entertainers to serve our clients. We also help to arrange local and foreign artists. We also help our clients to plan, co-ordinate and conceptualize events in terms of product launching , roadshows , conferenc...


    Absolute Pleasure is an event company based in PJ. I would highly recommend event services provid... Eng Chin

  • Inspired Events are a boutique full-service event management agency proudly based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that focuses on corporate events. We work with businesses of all sizes to develop creative, out of the box event experiences that effectively communicates your brands personality. We love what we do.


    Flawless event execution Karuna Karan

  • Bringing Joy through cupcakes. Whatever the occasion is, be it fun or formal, personal or professional remember to just give us a call and cake-in-cups will be delivered right to your heart! Call us or drop us email for further discussion! [email protected]


    Tasted good! Fine hand crafted work! Friendly, good service! Apple

  • Stardazzled is the place to find Malaysia & Singapore’s most beautiful faces. Unlike any other modelling websites, Stardazzled does not only focus on the physical beauty of models but also the inner beauty. Interviews are conducted to understand the personality behind every beautiful face. It is also the hope of the founders for Stardazzled to...


    I have worked with Stardazzled just 3 months ago when my company needed some models for a TV comm... darrenteoh

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