Pricing estimate for Handyman Contractor in Ara Damansara, KL / Selangor #165783

Request details from Z.Z.

    What service do you need?


    Which area(s) you want the handyman to work on?

    Garden / Patio / Balcony

    What do you want the handyman to work on?


    Do you already have the materials or parts?

    No, the handyman will need to buy it for me

    What type of building you to be need the workone?

    Landed (e.g terrace, semi-d, bungalow)

    On-site work to start on?

    19/01/2020 - Early Afternoon (13:00 - 15:00)

    Alternative date:

    20/01/2020 - Late Afternoon (15:00 - 17:00)

    Any more details? This helps the vendor give a better estimate.

    One of my gate hinges came out from the wall mount.

    Attach any photos for reference (optional, 10MB max per file)


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    Recommend pay

Here are the pros who quoted:

  • We brings more to the job than just tools and materials. As one of the most experienced concept design and construction company, we create and build solid wood concept furniture & offer the full range of integrated construction capabilities and we serve clients in a variety of roles. We bring experience, in-house resources and a reputation for q...


    The consultants understands my requirements and are very professional in handling my request. I ... Preshanth

  • With more than 5 year experience in this field make us become one of trusted company for Cleaning, Renovation, And Decorative Service. As a professional vendor with a 5 Star Rate and Review, we dedicate ourselves to provide excellent, skillful workmanship, and high quality service at the lowest price. Feel free to read the positive review regard...


    Fantastic job from Hamra Empire Team! I didnt expect my house will be different than other neighb... Jessica Yen

  • IIKO Concept is an one stop renovation company from Seri Kembangan. We undertake both commercial projects and residential projects. IIKO Concept is a comprehensive entity, who takes a step further in self-improvement and entity development. Simply put, we are a complete all-in-one home solution. As events unfold, we capture the construction w...


    Good contractor for renovation. Good quality of workmanship with reasonable price. Renovation com... cheechong tey

Average Quoted Price: RM 380

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