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    My room is L SHAPE Design , the picture with the red tick is my room . I save space and at the same time have room for closet space, work space, and bed . I like a white gold vibe & modern design .

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  • We are the specialist in interior design and build to every house owner. Bringing ideas to your home is our core business. Together we are experienced and passionate team of designers, makers and tradespeople to ensure that every element of the process is carried out to the best of our ability from start to finish, from design project management...


    EC Bespoke Interior Solution did a phenomenal job for us! This was our first time using them. W... Leroy

  • Clover was established by a young engineer passionate about designing and creating aesthetically pleasing spaces. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled services in interior design, renovation and carpentry. We provide end-to-end services from conceptual design to project management. Our residential projects include kitchen design and renova...


    Stephen and his team did a good job for us and also provided valuable advice when need be. Fast r... Zura

  • Interior 360 Sdn Bhd is an interior design company that thrives on designing smart interiors for our clients. We stress on the fundamentals of function, comfort and beauty. We believe the spaces in which you live, work, play and grow can be accommodating, beautiful and unique. We have a wide range of designing specialities from residential ,...

  • SEVEN Design + Construction continues to build on past successes and boasts a steadily increasing referral client base for design, renovations and new home construction. By working closely with clients, honouring their requests and guiding them in their vision, SEVEN Design + Construction achieves results. Making clients’ ideas a reality is thei...


    Good design and service, delivered as per schedule. CL Teoh

  • At Lebeau Interior, we work with you from start to end to craft the dream abode that you have in mind. Interior design can change the experience and leaving you a lasting impression. The intersection of different backgrounds and working methods gives us a unique way of approaching projects. Our signature composition is one of minimalism that exu...


    The price was reasonable. However, whether you are looking for contractor in real life and via re... suanne32901

Average Quoted Price: RM 40,000

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