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approximate 1200sqft , currently full of weed

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RM500 - 1999

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Landscape Gardener contractors in Selangor who match this request

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Landscape Gardener

Clover was established by a young engineer passionate about designing and creating aesthetically pleasing spaces. We are dedicated to providing unp...

Review by Zura

Stephen and his team did a good job for us and also provided valuable advice when need be. Fast response time. Responsible and flexible. TQ

Landscape Gardener

We do all kinds of building works: -Brickwork -Metalwork -Handyman -Plumbing -Carpet cleaning work -Floor Restoration -Roof & Awning

Review by teo179faf8

Nice work done

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Medium bedroom 01al l l
Landscape Gardener

White Panel is an Design and Reseach office an inter-disciplinary interior design practice based in Malaysia with an additional office in Singapore...

Review by Frivo Li

I don't usually leave comments but, to wps i think they definately deserve one. very low profile company, didn't advertise much. one day saw them r...

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Landscape Gardener

service all type aircond ,repair checking problem aircond ,install aircond,changer rewiring ,replace new plug point .

Review by Milly

I like his way of handling client Well mannered and explains in detail . thank you

Landscape Gardener

Dear Sir, This is a newly formed company to provide a reliable and trustworthy services. As the owner of this company I am personally responsibl...

Review by Jeevanithya

A very good job done at a reasonable price.

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Landscape Gardener

DZNS DESIGN STUDIO & CONSTRUCTION (002492686-M) established in 2014 by two young professional. We are Design and Build company for *Residentia...

Ak Constructions
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Landscape Gardener

Civil & structural contractor including team professional services from Architect, Interior Designer, Civil & Structural Engineers, Mechanical & El...

0932 Design Consultants
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Landscape Gardener

Origin from Singapore, 0932 Design Consultants is an award-winning design consultancy formally founded in twenty eleven. Today, we are have expand ...

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RM 2,000 - RM 4,999

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