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    Hacking and install subway tiles in kitchen
    Install tiles in tv wall

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    RM500 - 1999

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  • ConstEx Builders have registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) and G3 contractor with CIDB. We are experienced in building a bungalow, renovate for interior & exterior for houses, etc. We do painting, plaster ceiling, tiling, kitchen extension, and design & build, project work for medium scale renovation and construction job. We have ...


    Totally satisfied with the work. Worker came early in the morning n left in the afternoon like re... aziemah255d5

  • Excellent Pro Builder is a Renovation, Refurbishment and Contracting company that provide the complete range of services involved in the total transformation of a property. We provider Interior Designer, Architectural and Engineering services, Local council approval, Bill of Quantities, Quotation of Work, Work Implementation and Ongoing Servi...

  • Dear Sir, This is a newly formed company to provide a reliable and trustworthy services. As the owner of this company I am personally responsible for all services and ready to give a money back guarantee on any claim against any service provided by my company. Please add your best description to describe the reliability and trustworthiness of...


    Very good service Way leng

  • We provides wide-range of renovation services at your premises. We also offer painting,electrician and cctv installation Specialize in fixing and repairing of the following: -Electrical -CCTV and alarm


    Highly recommended. Specialised in electrical work. Charges was very reasonable unlike some cut... devan148306

Average Quoted Price: RM 2,000

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