Carpet Cleaning

How to book a service edited

Our professionals are issued with a Letter of Authorization to continue serving you during the MCO.

Below are some safety precautions that we'll be practicing to keep you safe:

  1. Practice social distancing with customers
  2. Ensuring regular hand washing before & after a service
  3. Wearing a suitable mask while carrying out any service works
  4. Regular temperature screening


What's included:

Pre-inspection, shampooing, brushing, vacuuming, hygienic steaming, odour removal. Cleaning equipment will be supplied by the pro.


100% removal of tough stains is not guaranteed and will depend on the type of stain. Please let us know if you require special treatment or have exotic fabrics (additional charges may apply).

Step 1 new

1. Answer a few questions

Step 2 new

2. Get responses from available pros

Step 3 new

3. Pay through Recommend Pay for project insurance