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Interior design and built renovation company & Kitchen Hood Cleaner And Servicing

Review by Hyma

Requested for a quote for cabinets and they were fast to respond and professional. We ended up going with another contractor we had worked with be...

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Electrical and wiring services since 2008 based in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Services offered: #Electrical wiring and fittings (single phase...


Review by Kim

Thank you for the prompt and professional service .

Aircond Service / Installation / Repair at Klang Valley

Review by Vesshant

General service and checking on water leaking. The team did a good job. They were quick to identify the issue and perform a very clean job.

Water Leaking? Not Cold? Can’t Turn On? Just through a phone call, you can have an experienced staff come to your house and give a right treatment ...

Review by Fishal

satisfied with the work done

QSYS TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD is a business company established in 2017. The main business of this company is Building Management System (BMS), Automat...

Review by Prasad

Overall service is good and clean.

Recent Washing Machine Repair Request

Jimmy requested 
Washing Machine Repair
RM 200 - RM 499
Julaihi requested 
Washing Machine Repair
RM 80 - RM 199
Mm requested 
Washing Machine Repair
RM 80 - RM 199
Magie requested 
Washing Machine Repair
RM 80 - RM 199
Ali requested 
Washing Machine Repair
RM 80 - RM 199
magie requested 
Washing Machine Repair
RM 80 - RM 199
Azhan Jihadi requested 
Washing Machine Repair
RM 200 - RM 499
Saufi requested 
Washing Machine Repair
RM 200 - RM 499

Recent Washing Machine Repair Review


Reviewed RMSU ELEKTRIK In Malaysia on 26 Jun 2020

Response was prompt and service person came on time. Diagnosis of problem was fast. Repair was done quickly. Even help clean up once done. Polite and professional. Charges are fair. Highly recommen...


Reviewed RMSU ELEKTRIK In Malaysia on 25 Jun 2020

They took prompt action and solve my problem immediately. Most importantly they use mask and wash hand and follow the new norm, which Im very happy with, as well as my problem solved. Good service!...


Reviewed Ganesh Services In Malaysia on 24 Jun 2020

Really recommended good service received from them


Reviewed Zass Gemilang Enterprise In Malaysia on 23 Jun 2020

Overall his work ethics are good. Would use him again


Reviewed RMSU ELEKTRIK In Malaysia on 19 Jun 2020

they came in time, the work was very fast with quality & the price was reasonable


Reviewed Zass Gemilang Enterprise In Malaysia on 14 Jun 2020

Could be more patient with installation. Some details of work could be improve but overall he is responsive, on-time (most important) and get job done. Thanks for recommendation

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Why hire a Washing Machine Repair from

Why Hire a Washing Machine Repair Service from

The invention of modern home appliances gives everyone a reason to smile about because of the convenience and efficiency they offer to ease daily chores and responsibilities.

Your washing machine, most especially, allows you to have clean and fresh smelling clothes each day.

So, whenever there are any signs of problems and they may need some kind of repair, you should have it checked by a reputable appliance service professional to prolong its lifespan and prevents you from any costly replacements later on.

If your washing machine is showing any of these signs below, it might be worth hiring a professional to get it checked out immediately.

When do you need washing machine repair?

The washer makes unusual sounds

If you often wait till your laundry piles up before running a load, then this may be caused by a strain to the motor caused by an overloading of clothes or an improperly balanced load in the washer. If the noise continues even when the load becomes reduced or lighter, there could be a potential problem with your machine’s motor.

Water does not fill the drum

A clogged filter, twisted hose or a delayed cycle are some common factors contributing to the problem. Should the problem still persist, it may be time to consider a professional to get to the root of the cause.

Excessive leaking

Typically, excessive leaking is a problem of an overflowing or a loose connection. If you own an older washing machine, the water hose at the back of your washer might have experienced long term wear and tear due to excessive vibration or movement through prolonged usage.

The drum does not turn

If the drum does not spin, it may be caused by a broken belt or faulty lid switch. While it is easy to replace the belt, the lid switch has to be replaced by a professional since it involves a great deal of work.

The washing machine vibrates and shaking too much

The vibration can result in the drum banging against the sides of the washing machine as it spins. This can be caused by worn-out shock absorbers. Your washing machine has absorbers in each of the four legs, which can get worn out after a while. Or, it may be caused by worn-out springs that hold the spinning drum in place. 

Why choose a pro to repair your washing machine in Malaysia

Most of us are not equipped with the knowledge to identify the source of the problem. Plus, it is always safer to get help from someone with professional expertise should there be electricity and wiring works involved.

Here are a few important reasons to consider why you should be having a professional to help fix your washing machine in Malaysia.

Ensure Proper Repairs

The best reasons to hire a professional to repair your broken washing machine is to ensure that the repairs are done properly and safely. Unless you're an appliance expert, you won't have any way of knowing whether the repairs you make yourself are done correctly. In fact, you'd likely have to hire a professional to inspect your work in order to avoid the risk of electrocution or causing a short circuit that destroys other components.

Avoid Future Problems

Another good reason to have your washing machine repaired by a professional technician is to avoid the possibility of future problems developing. Additionally, you'll avoid the chance of creating more problems by trying to fix the washer yourself as a professional will inspect all the components of your washing machine to find other underlying problems that might be present.

Verified pros does the necessary checks and verification so that only proven and reliable pros turn up at your door. Our pros provide washing machine repair services in Kuala Lumpur and other major cities, so you are assured of quality and satisfactory work.

Our washing machine repair professionals will make sure any existing or potential problem is diagnosed correctly to ensure all necessary repairs are safely and properly conducted so you can be left with a well-working washing machine to rely on again.

To book a washing machine repair service, fill up our online form and our pro will get back to you to confirm the appointment.


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