Fast and efficient service


Very helpful and courteous technician, Muhamad. His speed of service and troubleshooting is also very fast.


The repair man explained what is wrong with the tv and were honest about the price.


Overall very good


I had to repair 2 of my TV sets which broke down. I received very good and prompt service. They took the time to explain everything in a clear manner before proceeding with the repairs which came back faster than expected. Reasonable prices as well.

Balila replied 12 months ago

Thank you so much


Great Service and fast

Balila replied 12 months ago

Thank you so much


They were very quick to respond to the job and came almost immediately.
They charged a lot of money for what they did (basically a cleaning - as the fridge was not cold and insects had found their way into the back of the fridge) but as far as I could tell, they did not show any evidence that they changed any parts. I was asked to transfer RM500 to their account, which I thought was a rather high price,but having no choice, paid up.
When I received the official receipt from, it stated RM400, so I called up the repair company and asked why there was a RM100 discrepancy. I said no worries, I will report the discrepancy to
The technician apologised profusely and attributed this to a “misunderstanding” and asked me for my bank account number so that he could return the RM100. I decided not to report this as he acknowledged his “mistake”.
However, this weekend, just over 3 weeks after my fridge was “repaired”, the same problem has recurred. (Fridge not cold, but freezer works.)
I contacted the repairer, who promised to come but till today, I have not heard back from him regarding the confirmation of an appointment to resolve the problem.
I am very disappointed with the “service” provided by this company and with for having them on your panel of “trusted” contractors. I have essentially paid RM400 for my fridge to work for 3 weeks. But I am now back to square one. That’s not good value for money at all.

I much look forward to your response.

Thank you and best regards,



Not sure if the price is reasonable or not as I have no knowledge about fridge parts servicing/replacing cost. However, services and communication provided are top-notch. Definitely would subscribe to their service.


Faster and good service

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