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Pictures are the artistic results brought about by those with great foresight. For Aaron Chin, his call to wedding photography and portrait photography came in the form of a visual inspiration way back in 2009. He feasted his eyes on a showcase of wedding photographs one day and the pictures practically called to him. Thus, began his journey in the world of the arts. Backed by a team of 4 photographers and videographers, Aaron’s niche is in photojournalism but he places high importance on formal portraits with family and friends. His way of handling his job is by letting the events and emotions unfold naturally while he skillfully captures the elements. He has since travelled to Australia, Singapore, Thailand, India and Indonesia for photography stints and his clientele is expanding! To him, the best wedding photograph is when lovers close their eyes in anticipation of a kiss and their guests feel the euphoria and chemistry during that moment.

Aaron has been in the photography industry for over 6 years. He specializes in corporate portraits and weddings. He places top importance in high level service and top quality work.

Aaron has shot portraits of celebrities and corporate figures internationally.

He treats each shoot as how he would shoot any top celebrity and CEO- with respect, dedication, full concentration and has an easy-going sense of humor.

"We are very happy to engage Aaron & team to shoot our wedding day. They have captured every single moment perfectly - every shot was perfect. Besides taking perfect photos, they worked very well with my videographer and show respect to other which was professional. Despite working under short amount of time, they still able to compile SDE for wedding reception on the same day. We will definitely recommend Aaron and his team to anyone who is looking for a perfect photographer for their wedding day!

Alex & Joan" —Cui

"Aaron and his team are extremely professional! We hired him the first time when our company needed someone to capture corporate photo for us. It was raining on that day itself but despite the rain, they still maintain their professionalism and shoot under the rain. We were extremely impressed and the very next time we need a photographer or a videographer, we go straight to Aaron and his team as we know for sure they can deliver the best! " —Chloe

"Aaron did the residential shooting for our company.We appreciated what they have done ,professional and reliable ! Good job Aaron , will definitely recommend you to my friends !" —wayne

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