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Air Cooling Services (ACS) is sprcialist in air-conditioner system setup, repair and maintenance. We do provide machine rental for events or exhibition as well. It makes your guest experience an indoor feeling even when they are outdoors by using our air cooler rental services.

Our services:
❄air conditioner or air.
❄cooler system setup

"not on time on schedule" —khairul37

"My name is Goh I Ching. I have used your service 3 times unsuccessfully and have made other requests that the vendor tried to reschedule. Each time was to request services from ACS Cooling Sdn Bhd. Please do refer to my account history to verify this. The service requested that was to fix a unit that was not cold. The first time they came, they did a chemical wash and charged me RM80. It stopped being cold after a few days. I requested for them again, not realizing i was insured from this by your party. The second time, they took the unit apart and cleaned it, it went warm the same night. They charged RM140. Is this part of the SOP to charge what they feel like? When I requested for them the third time, they said that a clod of dust was blocking a tube on the compressor. When I asked why all the problems weren’t fixed at once, they said that each cost money. and charged me RM80. When the unit went warm for the fourth time, I called the company and said that I would make a request on recommend.my and that they should not make a bid for the contract. I was silly enough to believe the receptionist when she convinced me to let them come one last time when they had already charged me RM300 instead of RM80 to fix the same problem. She did offer free service and a guarantee that they would fix it. So i said yes. When they left, they replaced a capacitor but said that I would have to buy a whole new unit. When asked why they didn’t say this before but instead did useless work and charged for it, they left. Later that night, the capacitor they installed blew and now there is a burnt smell in the room. I do not assume that they did this on purpose. I requested a refund, not for my damaged unit but for the pointless work they charged me for but was told the work was already done. The work on a trice misdiagnosed unit that i must now replace. Please do help me get some kind of service if you can (I am down RM300 and apparently have to buy a new aircond after using recommend.my) and improve the quality of your vendors if you can. They also come late and keep rescheduling. After a week, a nice guy called william from recommend has contacted me. He says that I clicked recommend pay each time but that recommend pay is a function that the vendor must notice and I should not have paid cash to the vendor. hahaahahaha. good job recommend. liars and cheats. william also offered to have ACS pay me back RM140 for misdiagnosis, cheating, wasting time and breaking my aircond. I of couse said not. their cheating should be exposed and the refund should be in full. Please note the unwritten rules that recommend and ASC cooling has for their service, insurance and refunds." —gohiching

"They are on time and work efficient. " —vignes6bfb2

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"Good Job" —Irfan

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"Good at doing their job”


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Acs Cooling System Sdn Bhd

Lot 591-B, Jalan Kasturi off jalan pbs 14/11, taman bukit serdang seksyen 10. 43300 seri kembangan, selangor, malaysia.


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