by Jeff about 1 year

"The ppl who service reach before scheduled time. Their personality are quite polite and nice. Service overall is okay."

Intertech replied about 1 year ago

"Tq very much sir "

by Kevin about 1 year

"Polite and done things professionally. "

Intertech replied about 1 year ago

"Tq very much sir "

by Koh about 1 year


by rozalinaroslee about 1 year

"Good job done with attention to detail"

by Philips over 1 year

"They came later after informing me."

by Koh over 1 year


by Mohd Noor Husyairi  over 1 year

"Excellent workmanship, polite & friendly."

Intertech replied over 1 year ago

"Tq very much sir"

by HeyJaGa over 1 year

"The price is above market for only a gas refill. Quote of price only given after the aircon was dismantled. Invoice/receipt not given on time."

by Siti Khairani over 1 year

"Overall good service and customer oriented"

by Gordon about 2 years

"Quality service, on time, highly recommended. "

by Caeden about 2 years

"Coolant leakage problem. They detected two leakage copper joint and repaired properly. Warranty until next service. Happy with the speedy response, job done & patient explanation. "

by steven6933ff about 2 years

"they attached their jet spray to my water heater and switched on the heater to wash the aircon, and because of the pressure generated from the jet spray, it spoilt my water heater. I have requested joven to come to check and they found that the pump is now leaking water inside and therefore the electric "trips" every time we switch on the heater. He advised me to change the whole set to be safe. I want a compensation to replace my water heater. This is the first time I engaged a service from recommend.my and I cant believe it turned out like this. I will not hesitate to complain to the ministry if this matter is not handled carefully."

by yogasingamfb24 about 2 years

"They managed to solve the problem at hand and did clean up after their work was done. Details on what was changed and payment charges were mentioned. Good job overall."

by Rosario about 2 years

"Arman is a nice person, he checked and fixed my aircond without any additional or hidden charges.

Room for improvement is to let the customer know if u can't make it on time in advanced for whatever reason. I really appreciate if someone value other people time."

by Jia Qi about 2 years

"Changed my loosed plug point. Overall good service. "

by Mohan over 2 years

"Replaced my water heater. Very professional job.......avoided unnecessary drilling on wall tiles and reused previous drill holes. Did not mess up the bathroom (shower area) and discarded rubbish without being told. Also fixed my garden light which had not been functioning for more than a year."

by dg23a213 over 2 years

"Service was professional and technicians cleaned up before leaving. Initial value quoted for chemical cleaning was not as stated on recommend site but able to negotiate. ."

by Ooi over 2 years

"Great & patient guy. Professional services "

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