by Tan 9 days

"Very clean "

by Syuhada 14 days

"They provide excellence service and leave the house spotless! Mr. Chu is very hands on and very helpful with his staff and customer as well. "

by Farhanah 15 days

"They did a very great job..clean all of the parts of my house especially my kitchen..definitely will repeat their services in the future..kudos to the team.."

by Sherilyn 25 days

"The cleaning service was bad. The house was not clean. There were dust everywhere still. "

by yi-ning about 2 months

"Engaged their post renovation cleaning services. 2 cleaners were provided. Cleaners were professional. Cleaning supplies provided for the work required."

by yi-ning 2 months

"Came with required cleaning supplies. Good job on the cleaning. "

by Isaac 5 months

"The cleaning of car porch unable to be completed due to rain. However, they offered follow up cleaning (2 cleaners 4 hours) FOC on the following day. Good service. "

by Marc 5 months

"Everything done as expected. The staff were friendly and professional. Very happy with this job, for sure."

by Nurlina 5 months

"I asked them to clean every crevices in my new house. And they were willing to change their schedule because of my timing (and urgency). Thanks 👍🏻"

by Niza Mohamed 6 months

"Good service "

by weiqi 6 months

"Late 2 hours from appointment time due to traffic, understandable.
Cleaning quality was awesome and good. Their attitude are good as well! Hopefully for their next job, they can carry more cleaning supplies such as thinner to remove those paint marks as they had insufficient amount of thinner for my session so I had to get my own supply of thinner and do it myself."

by Bella 6 months

"Not so clean, late than my reserved time"

by Bella 7 months

"Dust existed on furniture or floor was disappeared. However, after your service, I use tissue to mop the floor to dry water that I dropped not to check your service, I was surprised that tissue became black color... I felt I waste money and your staffs kept delayed the time. I applied for 3pm but they said 4-6pm only available but they arrived at 4.45pm"

by PUTERI IFFAH 7 months

"The house we clean. The cleaner were respectful. "

by Michael 7 months

"The home cleaners service exceeding expectations. Screened, wore masks, experienced in cleaning the rooms without much supervision, and keep the folks at home well informed of the progress of the job. "

by Shern 7 months

"On the whole the service is good for the value but requires supervision for maximum cleanliness. "

by Felix 7 months

"PIC informed the schedule change last minute. I have to rearrange my timing for my personal errands. Very rude. Scolding me over the phone for locking the door not letting maid out. When I ask if stuff when missing who will responsibile? He refused to answer. I have short time to rearrange my errands which need me not be at home during cleaning. First time using their services, totally not happy at all. Blaming and scolding me that their losing other clients due to their bad scheduled management.
Cleanliness : 3/5
Punctuality : 1/5
Rudeness 10/5

Souen replied 7 months ago

"Customer was very rude and uses vulgar words and shouting to ask to wait. Cleaning job is booked for 1 hour and my maids called me numerous times indicating they have finished abd were locked in. I notify customer politely telling him to release my locked maids as there were frightened after the lock in for all in 2 hours. After waiting for another hour i called again and thats when he utter profanities and vulgarity words that were totally unacceptable. Attached are some communications and can be evidenced on the words used. I reiterate that we have not in anyway been rude to him and i probably think the reason he left the maids locked in the hope of getting an additional 1 hour free service is totally unethical!"

Felix replied 7 months ago

"Please provide proof that your maid called me and voice recording that I answered the call and telling profanities and vulgarities. For your information , I have proof of not answering the call as I was in the traffic. So which part of me answering the call again using profanities and vulgarities. The only one phrase I use which is fuck off with a proof of whatapps conversation when your PIC responding " I will not serving you anymore". And also I have to rearrange my tight schedule and my appointment due to your last minute change of schedule. I have to go get my errands done ASAP and I have to lock the grill so that my belongings won't go missing as I have to be away and unfortunately due to your bad schedule timing , I was stuck in traffic during the rush hour. :) Not to mention , the cleaning job was done in rush and there's few spot that's not clean. NOT RECOMMENDED at all for their services "

Felix replied 7 months ago

"🏻‍♂️ at the same time , if I was asked for additional payment for extra hour I wouldn't mind paying , but instead getting bullshit ' I will not service you again ' or ' I'm losing two hours client cause of you ' . Basically if , to all new going to be customer , you're not worth their value if you opt for one hour services. On top of that cleaning was not spotless. I'm just so happen to be very lucky getting rude services and not clean services. I believe for getting unfriendly treatment which more like rude happen to one review by Kiersten and job not done well Amelia in the comments below. "

Felix replied 7 months ago

"My appointed time was 4pm-5pm. But cleaner reaches at 520pm. And they informed done the job at 610pm. I reached my home by and maid left at 645pm. I have all the proof in a whatapps conversation screenshot. :)) "

by Roeybi Arnold 7 months


by Kiersten 7 months

"PIC not very friendly "

by Raymond 8 months

"The cleaners came on time, were friendly and most importantly they were very thorough with cleaning.

And I appreciated that Alice personally came to supervise the cleaners for some time to make sure they were doing a good job. Even the cleaners driver called me to make sure I was satisfied with everything before he fetch the cleaners back. All in all it was a very positive experience. Recommended!"

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