One of the most incompetent, unscrupulous and insincere contractors that I have ever encountered. I engaged them to repair my leaky rooftop last year. The duo claimed to have repaired my roof by replacing some of the roof tiles with newer ones, but my roof is still leaking when it is raining until today. Besides, they said they will return after the completion of work to collect and dispose of the replaced old tiles but fail to deliver what they had promised and nowhere to be found after collecting my money. I should have read the comments made by their previous clients first before entrusted them with the work and I believe they have caused similar problems to many others.


Never punctual, caused my arrangements to be delayed or cancelled. The price charged is also not reasonable, but I had to engage because I need the plumbing done promptly. I also engaged him in aircon service after that, he took my money Rm300 but turned out he wasn't trained in aircon repairing, in the end all 7 aircons which I let him serviced incurred gas leak. When I request him to fix it he refused and never to be able to be contacted again. He's very lousy in ethics. I tried to review his homepage in website (he gave another company's name which is different from what he advertised here in Recommend), it had a very low rating and negative review. His website is JZ Bina Resources (SA0276159-D). He also called me with different phone numbers from what's being advertised here, 019-6007525, 013-3334495 & 011-14328807. Don't engage him or you'll regret.

Donrafael863 replied over 2 years ago

sorry mr.alan about ur air cond actually that's ur mistake....u force us very hard to re-wire tape ur cooper paip and we already said that it is out of our knowledge but you refuse not to pay our finish piping job if we obey to rewire tape the cooper aircond....so the point is not our mistake...hope u understand the spec of air cond is not for the handyman or piping job ok its needed the pro aircond within her tools....please realize it sir....


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