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Bitesize Visuals focuses on capturing lifestyle portraiture and documentary weddings.

Our photography leans to the use of natural light with an emphasis on natural and candid moments to tell great stories.

We love and aim to CREATE a lasting visual legacy and CELEBRATE life with you!

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5.0 (based on 5 reviews)


Crystal27 May 2015, 19:51

Kenny, Brandon, and now Li Anne have been amazing people to work with. From corporate events to a charity run, and even to our own wedding, we've seen their business grow and their work improve by leaps and bounds. Bitesize Visuals have always gone out of their way to capture special moments, been incredibly helpful, professional, and timely in the way they deliver the work that they do. They have a talent for capturing human emotions and fleeting moments and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for excellent photographers! :)

Medium bsv Bitesize Visuals 28 May 2015, 14:48

Hi Crystal! Appreciate your review on us!

Medium bsv Bitesize Visuals 28 May 2015, 14:48

Thank so much


Cassandra13 May 2015, 01:02

Woots! My bro and my convo pic is out! :) I chose bitesize visuals to capture my pre graduation photo and also my brother's graduation photo simply because i believe that they will do their best in capturing "MOMENTS". True enough, when i received the end product, i was so satisfied. For me it is not because everyone took a pre graduation photo that is why i wanted to do so too, but because of the little significant moments that they captured is what matters to me. Now even when my dad is no longer around i can still remember the memories created with him through pictures. Therefore, i totally recommend them if you are looking for a talented photographer for your events :)

Medium bsv Bitesize Visuals 13 May 2015, 09:26

Hi Cassandra!

Medium bsv Bitesize Visuals 13 May 2015, 09:28

Hi Cassandra! Thanks for your review. Glad that we could be part of your life to capture lasting moments, reminding us again on why we do what we do

Guest Cassandra 14 May 2015, 10:41

All the best, BV! :)


Victor31 December 2014, 00:15

We have been acquiring Bitesize Visuals as our official Events Photographers especially for our Leaps of Knowledge Events Series. With high profile VIPs & Speakers such as Nick Vucijic, and several of the Ministers from the Ministry of Education.

All photos were delivered on time and most importantly professionally. The photographers are very experienced and do their best in giving you the best shots and also tailored to your needs. Let their photos do the convincing for you :).

Overall a very awesome experience working with these photographers.


Joanne04 December 2014, 09:51

I see my graduation photos up there! Yay! Love how you guys allowed my family and I to just be ourselves. Then, you captured every feel of the moments beautifully. We treasure them endlessly. Thank you BV!


lianne27 November 2014, 17:28

Great captures of priceless moments, love the colors and very professional, friendly photographers! Value-added services! :)

Guest Jes 28 November 2014, 10:36

Lianne did you do your wedding with them? Or some other event?

Guest Lianne 03 December 2014, 23:48

Hi Jes Min, I wasn't a client but I've personally seen how they've worked and operated at certain events and weddings I was at :) Their final product also speaks for itself.. I love their work!

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