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Bonnieblue Furniture & Interiors is a one-stop solution centre. Services & products we offer:

- Interior Design Service including Renovation, project management
- Furniture painting
- Redesigned & Refurbished Pre-loved Furniture
- Milk paint products for DIY lovers.

Our philosophy is simple. It is about creating beautiful, warm and yet functional living spaces for you and your family.

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11 Reviews for Bonnieblue Furniture & Interiors


Valarie and her team are lovely to work with, extremely professional, and offer great ideas whilst taking your taste, preferences and budget into full consideration. It was a plasure working with Valarie and she was extremely patient and supportive.
Thank you Valarie and all the best with all your future projects, you deserve every success!

Valarie Heng replied over 4 years ago

Anna, it has been a pleasure working with you. All the best to your new future adventures. You are one lucky gal :)


So far so good.


Right from the beginning I realized that Valerie was different. Instinctually, she seemed to truly understand important change I wanted for the childrens' room. She listened to me. Rather than trying to tell me my vision before I had even finished explaining it to her, she listened. Asked a few questions, and then listened some more. At that point I knew that if she would take me on as a client, that she would design everything I would need for the children rooms. Valerie - she has the business savvy to quickly grasp concepts and turn out exceptional visuals with very little revision required - and all within the committed deadlines. I can't say enough about the quality, the speed, the attention to detail and the effectiveness of her work!"


It all started when my brother engaged Valarie to work on his condo in Vista Alam. We visited the place and was impressed with the overall design and concept that was created, where each and every choice made culminated with a modern, cosy yet stylishly designed condo.

When it came to our own interior design choice later on, Valarie’s work came to mind and we contacted her for initial discussion. It was a smooth, engaging discussion and she immediately had a clear idea based on the overall concept and budget that we had.

Throughout the engagement, she demonstrated high professionalism, kept us updated at every step, meticulous yet flexible in taking up new ideas and comments that we had along the way. We were also very happy with her team and the workers that she employed to complete all the details.

Needless to say, the final outcome, once it was revealed to us, exuded exactly what we wanted and much more! The design and finishing was seamless, elegant and cosy at the same time. It really felt like home, a place to chill and rest after a long day. Our favourite is definitely the breakfast nook with the chic design. Thanks again Valarie for such a fantastic job at our home!

Valarie Heng replied about 5 years ago

Ina, thank you for a wonderful review! It was truly a wonderful experience working to create your vision. You were very clear in what you wanted and that made my job a breeze. All the best!


I was drawn towards Valerie's profile based on her eye for clean, modern yet homey style that is suitable for my large family with young children. She was very quick to respond to our initial inquiry and is very prompt with her follow-up appointments. I'm most impressed that before anything else, she learns our family preferences and makes design decisions based on that knowledge. A truly personalised service focused on the client rather than the designer's vision.

Val is a friendly, flexible and very accommodating - never rejecting an opinion or comment and always ready to lend advise where appropriate. Some unforeseen issues were sure to arise, but a back-up solution is always ready to be proposed without any prompting necessary.

We now have 5 areas designed by Val in our new home that we LOVE. Thank you so much Val. It's been a pleasure working with you.

Valarie Heng replied over 5 years ago

Nadia, it has been my pleasure and honour working with both you and your husband who are such wonderful and understanding home owners. You truly have a beautiful home and lovely kids. Thank you so very much!

Izwan Ismail

Thank you Valarie for a fantastic job on my condo in Vista Alam. My parents, wife and I personally love it !! She managed to keep my ideas, style and budget in mind. She's creative with lots of styling ideas and completed my condo before the timeline given. The living room drawers was awesome and beautiful. I would definitely recommend her company highly to anyone and would engaged her for my next home project in the future.

Valarie Heng replied over 5 years ago

Izwan, thank you for such a lovely review. Thank you for your trust and vision in my work! It gives me a lot of joy seeing you and your family, especially your parents loving the place.


This company, particularly Valerie has a great and creative approach. She keeps your ideas, budget, timeline and style of living in mind. She delivers more than she promises., and cares that you are happy. I have had her renovate my children's room, refurbish furniture pieces, renovate 4 bathrooms in my home and I gave engaged her to consult on the upcoming home we are building. She is consulting with the interior team to get my vision out to the the house. She is creative and fast in her delivery. And her ideas and supply sourcing are amazing. I would recommend this company highly to anyone. I've learned so much from her and she makes no excuses.

Valarie Heng replied almost 7 years ago

Thank you so much Mariam. I have learned so much from you and always feel blessed to have met you in my life.


Bonnieblue is the only furniture specialist I would recommend to anyone. Had a few old furnitures and I had it refurbished. Today I can say that I'm a proud owner of some bonnieblue masterpieces. Why wait? Get something done today by bonnieblue and u will have that extra special something in your home that everyone is talking about. Thanks again Val.

Valarie Heng replied almost 7 years ago

Thank you Leroy. It was a joy working on your pieces.


Thank you Valarie and assistant for such a fantastic job on my kitchen cabinets!!

Valarie is a definitely a perfectionist, and that translated into top quality workmanship. She's a joy to communicate with and is always present with a smile.

Thanks so much Valarie for making my white kitchen come true :) Cheers!

Valarie Heng replied almost 7 years ago

Thank you so much!

Leong Tzu

I bought a lovely chest of drawers for a fair price and would do it again, since I'm enjoying its company

Valarie Heng replied almost 7 years ago

Anytime Tzu Ann.

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