This review was posted on Brickhouse Facebook page but has since been removed. We felt that all reviews negative or positive should be available so that people can make an informed decision.

“I went to a wedding on the 9/12/17 catered by Brick House, the venue at Glasshouse was beautiful and the table decor was well set. While the entree menu of creamed mushroom soup sounded appetising, it failed to deliver as the kitchen ran out of soup and could not serve over 40 people. Right after the entree, I went to the bar to ask for some water, but was extremely shocked that I was told they had run out of water. While the meat platter was tasty, the overall service of the food throughout the night was terribly disorganised, slow and portion servings were generally small. However the peak of unprofessionalism was when some of the waiters started using the photo booth. This sort of behaviour is unacceptable. There were hungry guests waiting to be served, empty glasses needed to be filled and tables needed to be tidied.

Perhaps management should have better systems in place to ensure service throughout the night is organised and seamless. Perhaps waiters should be better trained so they are aware of the order of operation. And for future reference, perhaps kitchen staff and organisers should have been more prepared.

Overall I just feel incredibly sorry for the beautiful family who wanted to provide their guests with wonderful catering on such a special night.”

Z replied over 1 year ago

Agree! Very disappointed with the service and outcome from them. The whole team is not organised and everything is not as what we discuss previously. Lack of communication within the team. Expressed my feedback to them but they keep pushing the responsibility to us. Same goes to the director of the team, she replied me rudely and no more reply after that (disappeared). The food is not fresh and uncooked but she said this is what she can’t guarantee, so irresponsible.


the food is so so only, I am the event organizer and unhappy with the supplier's service as they supposed to sent the food to the venue only, but after sent food, they take over the event as the organizer. me and my guess feel not comfy.

Brickhousegroup replied over 4 years ago

Hi Sanice, Thank you for your review. It is surprising to hear the above as we received a whatsapp from you informing us that you and your guests were very satisfied with our service. Our duty as caterers is to setup the buffet table with our standard decoration, serve your guests and refill the drinks, which is what we did. As you were not onsite that day, your team whom we worked with had great feedback working with us. My apologies if we did more than you expected. We only hope to deliver our best to our clients. Regards, Christine & The Brickhouse Team


very good service, the food is lovely and service is awesome, everyone loves it

Brickhousegroup replied over 4 years ago

Dear Azie, Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We look forward to being of service to you again. Warmest regards, Christine & The Brickhouse Team


overall is good, happy with their service

Brickhousegroup replied over 4 years ago

Dear Deborah, It was lovely catering for your event! Thank your for the wonderful feedback and we hope to be working with you again. Warmest regards, Christine & The Brickhouse Team

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I had a wonderful experience with Brick House. Ms Christine and her team were extremely professional and diligent. The service I revived was beyond expectation. Well done Christine and team!


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