by Rachel 10 months

"This company kept calling and messaging me to ask me to write a review when I have never hired them. They marked the job as completed after the first time they contacted me. Please avoid. "

by navinnair over 1 year

"I did not pick this vendor."

by teoh71b4f7 almost 2 years

"Service very bad. Quality of painting work also very bad, electrical skill also very bad , simple aircond also cannot install probably. Keep giving empty promise. Job also never complete on time. Totally not recommended to anyone."

by teoh71b4f7 about 2 years

"The painting job is delayed. The overall service is okay. There have some minor defects on the painting but the painter agreed to come back on next Wednesday to paint back. Thank you."

by nadine2 about 2 years

"Reasanoable price. Good job. "

by Azzura about 2 years

"Painting. The work performed is okay even though it is a bit expensive. However, they did not come on time as promised. Struggled in communicating as they are not fluent in English/Malay but it is still ok."

by jamesseec391 about 2 years

"Good service and attitude. "

by chai848e72 about 2 years

"This company service is very good "

by jamesseec391 over 2 years

"Good service and job done is also good. Just that no discounts were given for whole Reno works. He is very good in paint job and electrical..."

by Anantha over 2 years

"Both of us agreed on the price & appointment date & time but the painter didn't turn on that day. I was unable to reach him via phone after multiple attempt. He messaged me later in the afternoon & said that he was very busy"