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Interior Design / Renovation / One Stop services

Nature Of Business : -
1) Wet Works : cement, concrete, water proofing, Tilings, Pebble wash
2) Plaster Ceiling & Partition
3) Painting : emulsion, Wood & Metal gross or matt paint, Epoxy finishes, Road paint
4) Floor finishes : carpets, Vinyl, timber wood, Parque, lamilate flooring.
5) Carpentry Works : Wardrobe, Kitchen Cabinets, DIsplay Cabinet, TV cabinets, Wood Divider & Panels
6) Electric Works : Lighting Points, 13 & 15 Amp Power Points, Heater points, Aircond Points, Networks Cat 5 & 6 Points,
7) Security systems : CCTV, Alarm, Magnetic Door lock
8) Plumbing : Poly Tanks, Stainless steel tank, Poly Piping, Copper piping, Pvc piping
9) Aluminium glass works : Windows, Mirror & Shower Screen, Sliding doors, Multi- Folding doors, Bi-Fold doors
10) Window or glass UV tinting , frost tint ( With pattern)
11) Doors : Laminate doors, Texture doors, Solid Timber wood doors,
12) Mild Steel, Aluminium & Stainless Steel Work : Grills, Gates, Awning roof truss, Metal roof truss, Metal roof Frame, Display Metal frame.
13) Curtain and Blinds. Custome made.
14) Aircond purchase and installation with services.

"Highly recommended" —Lovella

"Recommended contractor. Did not mark-up pricing much and completed quality work ." —rine69

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