by Vivien 9 months

"Overall I'm satisfied. They are helpful and act quite fast also. "

by Mee Chin 10 months


by Harry over 1 year

"The cleaners arrived 30min late citing reasons which contradicts to the one provided by the admin team and the driver. One of the cleaner just take the easy way of wiping dining table, TV cabinet without lifting some items on the cabinets and dining table.
Grills on the master bedroom was not properly wipe and still a lot of dust and rubberband unclean underneath living hall sofas when told to push the sofas aside to clean the floor surface.

You claimed in your website that they are professional cleaner? I am really disappointed. Pls train them properly and dont take the easy way out with ' Tidak Apa ' attitude.

This is my sincere feedback.

Thank you."

by jothisivarajah8e86 over 2 years

"It was expensive, they were quite thorough and helpful."

by ngyoongleang94a8 over 2 years

"Their cleaner work is not as clean as other cleaning company, just a so-so. "

by adam861783 over 2 years

"Overall satisfied with the service👍"

by caroline203610 over 2 years

"They left at 1 and half hours, whereas it's supposed to be for 2 hours. "

by Gary over 5 years

"Zain is responsive and very communicative but the overall experience is OK only , if everyone in the cleaning team is more detail oriented and hardworking will be great. "

by Sue-Ann over 5 years

"Cleaning Commados responded very quickly after I contacted them and did a last minute job request for me. They were very communicative and professional in their approach. Will definitely use them again."

Jes Min replied over 5 years ago

"Thanks Sue-Ann for the nicely written review! "

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