Aircond was not cold and ask for service. They came and done necessary checking (change cooling sensor, refilled gases, check water pump) and was not working.

Came again to do re-checking . Check indoor unit and outdoor unit but could not find the cause of problems. (Billed me for workmanship even though the work is not settle)

With full of frustration, i contacted York HQ service team, they came and check, the cooling sensor was burned and they have replace it immediately and aircond was back to normal. (I am still keeping the burned cooling sensor which JS claimed that they have changed and waiting for their respond- as usual no respond)

Please be aware, if you wish to use their service and please ask for every single price. Eg, price for trouble shooting, change of parts , return for service in case of same problem may occurs.

This is my personal experience with them. Every other customer may have different experience.

Thank you

Ng Zu

Danesh is friendly and approachable. On time and good service with reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Ng Zu replied almost 5 years ago

May need to be aware of the quality of the replaced parts.

Contact jss electrical & aircond

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