Office Design & Build
Pinnacle PJ Stack of money Estimated price: RM120000.0
Selangor Flooring 3D Design

RA Marketing was founded in 2016 to help SME clients in Malaysia to achieve marketing result. With their result-oriented mind-set, it has guided them through more than 50 clients’ projects, including retainer clients who outsource the entire marketing function to them. RA Marketing’s mission is to deliver superior value to clients by formulating marketing strategy and action plans to produce results for the business.

Tasked with bringing out a sophisticated corporate culture, our designers at Clover Buildcon approached this project with the concept of optimizing the available space in order to instill the company’s culture and expertise into its people and to bring out the best of their effectiveness and productivity. Following the client’s specifications, the workplace was turned into an open-desk system, providing more seating freedom and be compatible with the company’s recent decision to embrace sustainability.

A clean and organized ambience was accomplished through the application of a sleek design and custom-made carpentry works that emphasizes simple forms. It provided seamless storage space that cleverly hides miscellaneous items from sight so that the room remains professional. Additionally, the storage cabinet utilizes a magnetic glass board which serves as a makeshift writing board. Should the need of privacy arise, there is an enclosed meeting room with soundproof insulation.

Preventing the office from being an ‘all work and no play’ environment - are elements such as the lounge spaces and high bar along the window where employees can relax with a great view. Today, the spaces of RA Marketing office live and breath its culture. Its design allows for individual expertise and team functionality to not only happen but shine.