Yun yee

Im not really satisfied with the service. First of all, she did not pull out the chairs to sweep the floor. She just cleaned the surface. And i already offered no need to wash the washroom so she could have plenty of time to do other works.And after she did for one part and she asked what should she do the next. She supposed to know what is her job scope, isnt it? Also, i asked her to wipe also the table but she only wiped for the table i pointed, not the other tables. And also i have to remop the floor again because she only mopped once and there are stains caused by floor cleaner residue. And the time i booked was 9-11am,she left at 10.35am. She supposed to use the remaining time to do other works such as clean the windows, wash the balcony etc... but she only did the very basic work. Overall, im not satisfied with the service and less likely i will use your service again. Thanks.


They were punctual
The girls did their best.


Quick and efficient response coupled with excellent service delivery. The staff spoke very little English but she found ways to communicate to me. Was indeed very impressed. Highly recommended.


So far so good. Cleaners are polite and having good manners. They came on time, pricing also reasonable.


Service level is good. Only forgot to bring gloves and cleaning solution for the toilet bowl so they have to use mine.

External Review

Lim Chee Han

Very professional, hardworking and good attitude cleaner from Dynamic Multi Cleaning Services. I ordered two cleaners to work 3 hours for spring cleaning, I am happy with the outcome. I will likely to use their service again in the future, and recommend them to my friends and family!

External Review

Lin Yang

We liked the quality of the cleaning. The cleaners were pleasant and did the job without much supervision. The price is reasonable that we decide to have another service from them soon. 

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