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Hi Edwin, We just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge "THANK YOU" for the beautiful pre-wedding and actual day wedding photos. A BIG Thanks to your team Edy and June too. You guys have truly captures the essence of our day providing us with so many stunning and wonderful images. You have captured all the emotions, laughter and love perfectly. We would say to hire a photographer for our wedding is a MUST because the wedding day will go by fast, almost in a blur, and having those moments captured can stay with us for lifetime! Nevertheless, all friends and relatives keep praising the stunning and extraordinary Pre wedding photos. Thank You Edwin, Edy and June for capturing our wedding in such a beautiful way! You guys did a tremendous job!

Yoke Yee and Keng Foo


Engaging Edwin Tan as my profesional photographer was one of my must-haves during my wedding preparation. Let’s just say I was willing to change my pre-wedding photoshoot and actual wedding day to accomodate his availability.

Having Edwin Tan as my photographer during my pre-wedding photoshoot in Kyoto was a breeze. This was despite the fact that I decided to do the photoshoot during the busiest weekend in Kyoto in the midst of the Sakura season.

Edwin was easy to work with and the epitome of professionalism. Crowded places was not a problem for him to get outstanding pictures. His ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary means he never runs out of ideas and suggestions. My husband, never a fan of pre-wedding photo shoot until now, was convinced Edwin could make anyone look good posing even with just a pencil in an empty room.

My husband and I were informed by friends that posing during pre-wedding photos is no easy task. Some couples would succumb to restlessness and start losing patience with the photographer. But we had no such experiences with Edwin. He gave us clear instructions on how to pose and we reached an understanding between each other in a matter of minutes. We pose, he shoots. Picture perfect. It was that easy.

Engaging Edwin tan as my photographer is the best decisión.

Engaging Edwin Tan as the professional photographer is the top most priority in my wedding preparation. I actually checked Edwin’s availability before I set a date for my pre-wedding photoshoot & actual wedding day. Yes, I fixed the dates to accommodate Edwin’s calendar.

Edwin and he gave us many advise based on his past experience. My photoshoot is probably one of the most difficult ones as I went to Kyoto during the most peak season. But Edwin managed it well. He managed to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

My husband who wasn’t keen on doing photoshooting actually enjoyed the whole pre-wedding shoot very much. Everyone is very impressed with the pictures.

A lot of people find that doing pre wedding photoshoot is very tiring and they do not want to do it again. But for me, I enjoyed every single moment of it. If I could, I would do photoshoot with Edwin over and over again.

Engaging Edwin as my photographer is the best decisión we made for our wedding. Thank you again Edwin for the great work!


I worked with Edwin when he first started becoming a full time wedding photographer for my wedding in 2008. As a bit of a bridezilla, I was very particular about the photog I hired, to capture the "photo journalism" style of my special day, where the photog is still passionate about work, willing to explore different styles, angles, lightings and shots, unlike other jaded photogs who take the same shots every wedding.
Edwin was extremely professional, friendly and creative. My pictures were awesome and I've been so happy I kept recommending his service to every friend I know for their weddings. I've followed his career over the years and I still adore his work - and will not hesitate to work with him again for any future photography needs (pregnancy, baby, doggie, etc).


I got Edwin and his team to be my wedding photographer early Jan this year. This guy and his team were awesome to say the least. He may yet to provide us the full edited softcopy of the pictures, but he did provide a couple of early edited pictures and it was fantastic. The pictures he took and shown during the slideshow presentation were exceptional. His pricing may be higher than average, but with the quality and those amazing pictures he shot, you will never regret taking him in. Looking forward to the full softcopy of his work once it is ready.


Edwin took my pre-wedding photo in Japan (Kyoto/Nara/Tokyo), and he has definitely gave my wife and I memorable photos! Definitely still remember Edwin and Agnes (his wife and also make up artist) were drenching wet while taking photo for my wife and I at Disneyland Tokyo!

Edwin also took the photo on my actual wedding day too! He definitely took his photography very passionately! Really appreciate that!

Would highly recommend Edwin!

Guest Jes 05 December 2014, 00:44

Thanks ChenChow, very positive reviews of Edwin! Must ask you for your photos some day :)

Guest Chen Chow 05 December 2014, 01:09

Jes Min, great that you are going through every review! will share with you the photos!


I know Edwin personally and have seen him constantly offering great service and results to his customers. Definitely one of the most consistent photographers in the industry as well as reliable. You definitely will not regret hiring him.

Guest Jes 05 December 2014, 00:44

Thank you Mark Leo! Really like reading your reviews everywhere!

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