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eLED is a Malaysian company established in 2010 on a sole mission to provide the best green product that gives the maximum energy savings, quality that is backed with warranty and practicality in terms of future maintenance.

Using 2.5W LED to replace the conventional 18W CFL in a down light vertical housing alongside 3 years warranty and a DIY approach. Its definitely the best choice in going green.

Reached over 2,000 homes, offices, retail outlets and factories both using eLED products and lighting design. Proven reliability with projects using eLED products 20-24hrs still running after 4½ years. An achievement that no other LED company can prove.

Driven by a passionate team, eLED embarks on a quest to help share their knowledge and experience about LEDs so that we can move away from the "cheap and throw" mentality sooner before its too late to save our landfills and environment.

Come and talk to an award winning LED company to find out more.

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5.0 (based on 3 reviews)


MK RESOURCES29 May 2015, 19:08

This is my very first time writing a review, but let me tell you, this guy is my HERO! I met nearly six so-called lighting consultant (this is besides going to big lighting shops like CIMA Lighting, Seng Hup to name a few) who absolutely did not offer me solution or direction when I met them to discuss about my lighting requirement. They lacked product knowledge, unable to communicate, and absolutely full of sales talk!

One late evening, in the verge of giving up, I pulled my courage but with less hope and gave a call to Jes Min, the founder of Recomn.com. My calls went unanswered but she returned my call nearly around 8:30 p.m. (after work hours) while my eyes are welled up with tears. This may sound a bit dramatic but honestly, I felt STUCK and COMPLETELY LOST not knowing what to do. Jes Min knew exactly how my tone was when I started explaining my situation. All she said was, “I think I know who can help you for sure. Adrian is very passionate about what he does: LED lighting and offers economical solution without having to compromise aesthetics or quality”. Her words surely lifted the weight in my heart instantly and instilled some hope.

On April 28th, she sent an introductory email connecting me with Adrian and vice versa. I fixed an appointment on 1st May to meet with Adrian at 10 am at HOMEDEC (2015) exhibition in KLCC – an event I have never been to before. Spread out my floor plan and we got talking – He was not consulting me, instead he was educating me on lighting options available, I must say. 3 hours of informative meeting – I left KLCC with so much of information in my head. Before I left, he assured me with kind and assuring words “don’t worry too much. When you go for light shopping, WhatsApp or email the photos of lights you like and l will guide you through the selection process”. I was quite stunned to hear those words but sincerely after hearing them, I left KLCC that evening with a peaceful mind which I did not have in the past 3 months.

My shopping for lights started on 1st May. I promptly alerted Adrian from every shop that I went with lots of pics and he would offer his inputs accordingly. He was “shopping” with me virtually and this method continued nearly about 2.5 weeks including discussions that took place till 10 p.m. sometimes. I bought all my lights without burning my wallet much including some of eLed Solutions’s products. I couldn’t believe that I finally actually got my purchases done and fixed 28th May for light installation. Today is exactly one month from the date Jes connected me with Adrian and I am glowing in excitement when I saw the final outcome at my apartment this morning.

I know this is a lengthy review but they totally deserve it. I owe it so much to Jes and Adrian for offering the help at the right time and more than what I could have expected. Thank you so much lovely souls!

Recomn.com and e-Led Solutions rocks!

Medium eled logo 2015 eLED 30 May 2015, 10:52

Hi Shamala, thank you for taking the time off to write this amazing and detailed review. It has been an interesting journey and ultimately we at eLED are very happy that we got to play a positive role in bringing your new home to life. Thanks.s why


Kelly05 January 2015, 13:09

The eLED bulbs are high quality, energy and cost – efficient way to light up my home. They re long lasting too. Thumbs up for eLED. !


Joo Hock03 January 2015, 17:17

Not only save energy on long run but manage to cut down time on change bulbs

Medium eled logo 2015 eLED 03 January 2015, 17:56

Thanks Mr Lim for taking the time in writing this review, he is the manager from Japan Club KL, one of eLED's oldest clients of 4+ years.

Guest Kelvin 23 March 2015, 18:21


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