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Malaysia freelance photographer based in Penang and willing to travel. I'm a passionate person in photography. I could capture your precious moments in my own distinctive perspective. You can just enjoy yourself and I will record all the joyous momeries..

"On time, good communication " —Hannah

"We hired Mr. Lim for our wedding luncheon in Penang. He was very trustworthy and showed up earlier than required to take photos of the venue and set up, and to study the lighting and angles of the place. He was very easy to work with, being friendly and mild-mannered. This is not to say he takes his work easily but he was very committed, patient and took strong initiative to ensure he covered the event well. We are truly happy with the results. In fact he far exceeded our expectations. Mr. Lim captured the moments with well composed angles and timing. He has a good eye for scenes and colours. He knows when to make photos black and white to add to the mood. The icing on the cake was that his fees are very reasonable for the amount of work that he does. He delivered his product with a very personal touch. I leave it to future customers to discover what that is. ESL Photography is highly recommended - nothing fancy (i.e. no tonnes of equipment) but he does magic with the simplest of tools. We are thoroughly satisfied and happy. " —visakha

"My husband and I highly recommend Eslim Photography as Mr Lim is a punctual and trustworthy person and very pleasant to liaise with. He arrived early for our tea ceremony and was always there whenever we needed him. The photos taken by him turned out so much better than what we have expected. We really love them and are really glad that we found Eslim. Thank you Mr Lim for your dedicated work & time. " —Eu Peng Lim

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