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“Design is Art Optimized to Meet Objectives”

Everyone deserves to live and work in an aesthetically pleasing and physically safe environment. We approach design from the standpoint of clients' needs, preferences and appropriateness to the existing architecture. We do not work in a specific style, rather we tailor and sculpt interior spaces to fit the requirements of function and aesthetic appeal to the client’s needs and ideals.

"Five by Rizny had site recce my Duplex Condo unit ( 3,700 sqft ) at Bangsar. They have rendered fast response rate & exceed the expectation by presenting 3D design walk thru before any payment. Always advise customers good sense of design in a practical view; reuse or touch-up instead of asking customers to spend more money to redo new when we could recycle.

I have also recommended his service to my brother whom will be renovating his 1,900 sqft condo soon. Highly recommended for their service to my family & friends" —Amanda

"Job never been done. How can it become completed? " —hazwan235834

"As our interior decorator they were excellent.gave us spot-on advice and took our opinions into consideration and gave our home a modern and elegant look." —faz84

External Review

"Rizny and Irwan, just want to tell you that our guest who came to our unit during open house over raya was very impressed with the house. Thanks for the good job." —Natasha

External Review

"You really have a good eye Rizny. It's perfect. Super job Rizny. I love the design." —Haikal

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