Vacuum Cleaner for car wash or home care cleaning
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For normal water wash on dirty object like car mat, carpet, chair, floor, etc. As the residual leave on it is too wet, we should get a vacuum cleaner to suck the water and
dry it. However, for dry saturated steam cleaning, there has less water residual on the cleaning object which is touched and felt warm and just a little bit wet. Thus, even you don't use a vacuum cleaner, it can be dried in minutes. Of course there is still someone insisting on using steam and vacuum at the same time, or just sometimes we adjust wet steam for special cleaning, thus we should need a vacuum for drying process. To satisfy this requirement, Hengyan specially make a steam vacuum head which can integrate steam hose and vacuum hose in one unit. In this steam vacuum head unit, there are two outlets in the front part, steam outlet for cleaning&sterilizing&bad smell killing and vacuum outlet for absorbing water & dirty residual.