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GMJ Enterprise - Providing Reliable and Top-Quality Home Services in Malaysia

Welcome to GMJ Enterprise, your trusted local services company specializing in various home maintenance and improvement tasks. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we take pride in delivering professional and reliable services to our valued customers.

At GMJ Enterprise, we offer a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of homeowners and businesses. Our served categories include renovation contracting, home cleaning, electrical and wiring services, house painting/wall painting, domestic moving, post-renovation cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, and office and commercial cleaning. Whatever your requirement may be, we have trained and skilled professionals who can handle the job with precision and efficiency.

When you choose GMJ Enterprise, you can expect exceptional service quality and attention to detail. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. We understand that your home is your sanctuary, and we treat it with the utmost care and respect. From small repairs to complete renovations, we ensure that every task is completed to your exact specifications.

With a team of dedicated and well-trained employees, we strive to deliver timely and efficient services. Our staff members are knowledgeable and proficient in their respective fields, ensuring that every project is executed with the highest standards of quality. In addition, our punctuality and discipline have earned us a reputation for reliability among our customers.

With our strong commitment to customer satisfaction and a stellar average star rating of 4.5, you can be confident that GMJ Enterprise is the right choice for your home service needs.

Whether you need a reliable renovation contractor, a thorough cleaning service, or any other home-related service, GMJ Enterprise is here to help. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about our services and to request a quote. Let us take care of your home while you focus on what matters most to you.


GMJ Enterprise - Menyediakan Perkhidmatan Rumah Yang Dapat Dipercayai dan Bermutu Tinggi di Malaysia

Selamat datang ke GMJ Enterprise, syarikat perkhidmatan tempatan terpercaya anda yang pakar dalam pelbagai tugas penyelenggaraan dan penambahbaikan rumah. Dengan pengalaman selama lebih daripada 20 tahun dalam industri ini, kami berbangga dengan penyampaian perkhidmatan profesional dan boleh dipercayai kepada pelanggan tersayang kami.

Di GMJ Enterprise, kami menawarkan pelbagai perkhidmatan untuk memenuhi keperluan yang pelbagai dari pemilik rumah dan perniagaan. Kategori-kategori perkhidmatan yang kami sediakan termasuk kontraktor renovasi, pembersihan rumah, perkhidmatan elektrik dan penyambungan, cat rumah/cat dinding, pemindahan domestik, pembersihan selepas renovasi, pembersihan semasa masuk/keluar, dan pembersihan pejabat dan komersial. Apa pun keperluan anda, kami mempunyai krew yang terlatih dan mahir yang boleh menangani tugas dengan tepat dan efisien.

Apabila anda memilih GMJ Enterprise, anda boleh menjangkakan kualiti perkhidmatan yang luar biasa dan perhatian terhadap detail. Pasukan profesional kami yang berpengalaman komited untuk memberikan tahap kepuasan pelanggan yang tertinggi. Kami memahami bahawa rumah anda adalah tempat perlindungan anda, dan kami memperlakukannya dengan penuh berhati-hati dan hormat. Dari pembaikan kecil hingga renovasi lengkap, kami memastikan bahawa setiap tugas diselesaikan mengikut spesifikasi anda yang tepat.

Dengan pasukan pekerja yang dedikasi dan terlatih dengan baik, kami berusaha untuk menyampaikan perkhidmatan yang tepat pada masanya dan efisien. Ahli-ahli kakitangan kami berpengetahuan dan mahir dalam bidang masing-masing, memastikan bahawa setiap projek dijalankan dengan standard kualiti yang tertinggi. Selain itu, ketepatan dan disiplin kami telah memperoleh reputasi kebolehpercayaan di kalangan pelanggan kami.

Dengan komitmen kami yang teguh terhadap kepuasan pelanggan dan purata rating bintang yang cemerlang 4.5, anda boleh yakin bahawa GMJ Enterprise adalah pilihan yang tepat untuk keperluan perkhidmatan rumah anda.

Sama ada anda memerlukan kontraktor pembinaan yang boleh dipercayai, perkhidmatan pembersihan menyeluruh, atau apa-apa perkhidmatan berkaitan rumah lain, GMJ Enterprise di sini untuk membantu. Hubungi kami hari ini atau lawati laman web kami untuk mendapatkan maklumat lanjut tentang perkhidmatan kami dan untuk memohon sebut harga. Berikan rumah anda kepada kami sementara anda memberi tumpuan kepada perkara yang paling penting bagi anda.

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4.5 (based on 14 reviews)


Haziq07 July 2018, 09:51

"I reached out to several painters and few even . The crew did great work painting the ceiling, walls and trim of my rowhome.


Mohd Zaidi04 July 2018, 19:44

GMJ looked at what needed to be done, gave an estimate which was very good, and started work. Very professional company, and workers.


Kim30 June 2018, 17:20

Service okay


sri6127 June 2018, 07:01



sri6112 June 2018, 07:16

they did a good job


Norhafizah09 June 2018, 15:36



Colbert low04 June 2018, 22:45

They left out a lot of areas while cleaning - window grilles, the shoe rack at the porch, TV cabinet, fans, kitchen cabinets. All the celah celah areas. still having a lot of dust. - still a lot of paint marks on the toilet tiles. Should at least take time to remove it since it is water based paint.


angie3020 May 2018, 04:00

GMJ sent 3 person to my apartment for the cleaning service. I need to tell them every single thing they need to clean up. In general, they only done a very surface job. They did not wipe the door frame, TV cabinet and etc. I told them to clean the kitchen but they did not.

At my request, I mentioned I needed ironing. However, when I reminded them when they were at my house, they seem unhappy with it. They did not finish ironing before leaving. One person spent 3 hours on the ironing but she don't even finish 50% of the clothes. Honestly, I'm not satisfied with the service they provided. I won't choose them again in future.


khairulrostani12 May 2017, 10:13

very clean with reasonable price

Medium images GMJ Enterprise 12 May 2017, 16:57

Thank you very much using our services. RecomN @GMJENTERPRISES


wendy4012 May 2017, 10:12

good service, overall is good

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