This Kim Haus Loft image, crafted by Grov Design Studio Sdn Bhd, showcases an eclectic cafe interior with industrial and kitsch notes. Exposed brick and rustic wood furnishings from the bespoke tables to trendy chairs display urban chic charm. The contrasting textures and whimsical decor reflect the unique heritage reimagining of Malaysia's Pearl of Orient, blending vintage aesthetics with modern, minimalist design elements. Ideal for interior design enthusiasts seeking inspiration in commercial spaces with a historical edge.
Album: Kim Haus Loft
Location grey
Stack of money Estimated price : RM500000.0
Completed Above 2400 sqft Shop / Retail / F&B Bar Bathroom Cafe Lobby Restaurant Display Shelf Lounge Reception Kitsch Industrial Industrial Rustic Urban Chic 3D Design Artwork