by Mohd Sazali 12 days

"Fast and prompt action to the problem"

by Angie 14 days

"Spent Rm250 to change sensor and 2 switch, but still have freezing problem at my vegetable part.
That’s Dissapointed.
They advised after changed the sensor, got to testing use first, if still the same, have to change another part. Just wondering why can’t straight away find out the main problem.

by Andrew 20 days

"Not familiar with parts pricing. Pay double that what I budgeted for. Not sure whether I have been overcharge "

[email protected] replied 20 days ago

"Is normally, original part price "

by Salwa 25 days

"3 times I called to complaint about my fridge not being cold enough and 3 times they came to fix the problem. My fridge was okay for a while until it broke down AGAIN the next day. Even though the parts are still under warranty for 3 months from the date they fixed it, I don't know whether to call them back or not because I really don't know what they actually fixed or repaired or replaced. I only know that my fridge now had turned up from bad to worse."

by Salwa about 1 month

"1st time I called then up on 13/8/2020. Got the appmt for technician to come on 14/8/2020 to check my fridge but due lack of manpower and "traffic jam"🤔, it was postponed to the next day. After they did some "repair works" the next day, the problem with my fridge became worse! 😡I kept messaging them to lodge a complaint and they responded saying that they have to wait for some spare parts. So, on 21/8/2020 another technician came and did another "repair/replacement works". Since I have already paid during the first visit, I didn't have to pay again the second time.😅 "

[email protected] replied about 1 month ago

"Thanks "

by Veena about 1 month

"Very fast response and easy to deal with. Highly recommend"

[email protected] replied about 1 month ago

"Thanks you "

by Catherine about 2 months

"Quick response, almost instantaneous response, repair was done within hours, highly recommended. "

[email protected] replied about 2 months ago

"Welcome "

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