Never inform or let me know status of repair on my washing machine part availability after taken it for their use as sample. Called them instead but said will call back but never call.


They were prompt when responding. A little pricey I thought but my problem was solved.

Chin kai

After taking back the washing for repair, the cost ballooned up 2x and time to repair increased from 2 days to a month. Not sure if there is really problem after further checking, but promises were not fulfilled and the initial check by the technician on the problem was not correct. Not a pleasant experience.




Didn't solve the problem for my washing machine. Charge RM80 for services that he didn't he didn't complete it. Somemore he want to take away my parts without asking my permission. Luckily I saw it and I stopped him. He will say everything is damage and ask you to change this and that part which will caused more money. The technician also very lansi...arrogant. Not polite when speaking to customer. Avoid this company!


Services & taken my parts not fully delivered as promised and expect a client to pay immediately but condemning me not paying. Throwing bad word to me and criticised my teaching lesson towards my children. Coordination and management issue causing unnecessary stress to a client. Terrible service provider.


Low respond and not on time , Need to test after paid not trust

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