Design & Build ( Design proposal to fully furnished)
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Stack of money Estimated price : RM35000.0
Completed Below 800 sqft Studio Bathroom Modern Carpentry Flooring Wetworks 3D Design Plaster Ceiling Painting Kitchen Cabinet Furniture Lighting Electrical Curtain Ceiling Wardrobe HVAC TV Cabinet / Console Wall Decor Sofa Glasswork Artwork Stairs Staircase Kitchen Island

Welcome to the captivating world of interior design by KAIU Concept & Construction Sdn.Bhd.
Our album, "Design & Build: From Proposal to Fully Furnished," showcases the seamless transformation of spaces, all within 800 sqft.
Immerse yourself in the modern aesthetic, offering sleek 3D designs, contemporary artwork, and exquisite furniture.
From cozy bedrooms with integrated workspaces to elegant dining areas and functional studios, this collection truly represents the epitome of Malaysian interior design.
Experience the harmony of minimalist charm and refined aesthetics through our expertise in design proposals, from ceiling to wetworks, making every space a masterpiece.

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