by Preshanth about 1 year

"The consultants understands my requirements and are very professional in handling my request. I am very happy with their openness and straight forward responses to my demands giving substantive reasoning as well as providing alternative suggestions for my considerations. I am very happy to choose them as the consultants for my renovation work."

by Audrey over 1 year

"I love how kaiu artisan give their idea and execute it. Love the outcome! Will recco my friends"

by sze ann almost 2 years

"Their service is key. The whole experience has been great. I give them my trust and they did not disappointed us. Will recommend my friend for their service. "

by tang96e260 over 2 years

"A very friendly and young team to work with. They are not just executor, they understand the ideas and help to further developed the ID with advises on materials. Their approach are transparent and frankly speaking, like discussing with friends. They are solutions oriented, for any of the worries, do-ability, uncertainty of decisions etc.

One highlight of their process is having the daily update on whatsapps , on the progress of renovation. Instant viewing without have to be on the spot.

The services after job completed are great too! They are fast in respond and to attend to any followups and defects work, and it's FOC!

Thank you and all the best KAIU!

by Tay over 2 years

"My house was screwed up by my previous contractors due to lack proper planning. I am so tired of the additional cost they have charged me ( I have paid additional 40k for something redicurious ).

Due to this urgent crisis and I really need to set up my house for my family to stay in a month time, I requested Kaiu to immediately jump in to solve all the mess. Their achitect team immediate assist and touch based with my existing contractors. They redesigned few structural drawing based on the current mess of my balcony extension and propose the best way to solve in a more cost effective way.

Their team was very helpful and I will for sure recommend to others. Alto this job have not completed yet but I would still want to give them a credit as they are the only company willing to jump in and solve this for me.

thank you and looking forward to get all done soon."

by Angeline  over 2 years

"This is my 2nd house reno by kaiu @ kinrara for renting purposes. First one was completed on March. Settled everything in a month time. Appreciate your work as usual. "

by Evonne over 2 years

"Meeting with them always quick and productive! They have solved many issues with my interior design and I love the paintings they have sourced for me in the living room. Will recco to my friends. All the best KAIU!"

by Pei almost 3 years

"I would say Kaiu is an expert in their field of designing and building. I never knew there's so much more to know and look out for when it comes to just getting the build-in cabinets done. They explained a lot about why certain materials that we commonly would suggest is not practical for a household. To me, they gave very valuable suggestions to how I could keep the same effect of how I wanted my cabinets to look like but also keeping to my budget.

You could consider Kaiu for their services."

by chinchinghin3f0f almost 3 years

"It takes months to answer my request for quote and disappear after quote until now. Texted KAIU and It giving promises and again and again never fullfil what being promised."

by Hazel almost 3 years

"Actually i knew KAIU since last December. They did my grandparents' reno last time in Kajang. its great that i got to engage with them again on my recent reno. I'm a resident of a condo in Kinrara and recently just moved into the area. The condo's interior was designed & reno by Kaiu. I'm very happy with the outcome of it. It wasn't easy during the design phase as it was very hard when I was dealing with the main designer. He was very firm and insisted much on how the design should be. However, I think now it makes a lot of sense why he strongly recommended those things as it is a balance of design and practicality. Wen also helped to clear up a few things during the building phase. All in all, I am very comfortable with the service rendered."

by Eiden  almost 3 years

"Thank you Recomn for showing me kaiu artisan! Trying to find the right Design-Build Contractor to take on my kitchen remodel felt like it was never going to end. However, after looking on Recomn for a few days, it finally felt like the search was over once I came across KAIU.

We had a very complicated hacking project which involve a pretty massive plumbing project to install a new bathroom in what was a closet. I have been very satisfied with the quality of the work performed by kaiu. Steve did a wonderful job in doing the restructuring in my home. When we had problems after the work was completed involving a leak in a newly installed plaster ceiling, his crew promptly repaired it. His attention to detail and concern for the quality of the craftsmanship was evident in his work.I would recommend them."

by Angeline  almost 3 years

"they are new, give it a try. surprisingly they are not the regular type of contractor I dealed that gave me alot headache. they are friendly, provide service , always there to advise and help , their designer team is good and able to help in planning space the space, nice design and advising on materials to match the budget we have. VO not more that RM3000. very goox"

by Angeline  about 3 years

"First, i have to say Thank You to KAIU Artisan!

We are a young couple who planned to stay in our new purchased unit with a very tight timeline. We have a lot of ideas about how to design our unit but we are seriously have no any technical knowledge and to gauze the price point. Steve was able to advise how to design our house closer to what we want with budget we have.

Other contractors that came to us before had problem communicate with us as we cant speak well in Cantonese. And i am glad that i have meet Wen & Steve. They communicate well and was very helpful going through the process and provide a lot knowledge regarding on our unit. The service is very personalize.

Interior design part was impressive and we proceed to construction in a month time. Alto there are some defects when they did handover but their worker was able to fix it immediately. For last 2 days, they even left a handyman for us whole fully day to do installation works like hang up the canvas paint, mirrors, chandelier, spotlight etc. for free.

i will definetely recco my friend and family for your service :)

The whole was not fussy and we were about to build a good relationship with them. That makes me confident that in future i can still look up to them to assist if i need any help form them. "