by Chinthaka 6 months

"The technician came on time and checked my Fridge and found some units need to be replaced. He said he will check the prices and let me know. But after few hours my fridge started to work without issues. "

by Atsuko 6 months

"Thanks "

by Adlan 7 months

"The service was adequate. They took my fridge, told me that repairs were unable to be done and charged me 100 for it. 7/10"

by Chow 8 months

"They are honest & experience technician with simple explanation 👍🏻"

by Jehan 8 months

"They showed up earlier than expected (which is good) and the service was done at home within an hour. It will be even better if the pros show the stuff they're changing but maybe because i was quite bz doing my work. But overall, i am satisfied with their work. Thank you."

by natasha35 9 months

"Very efficient and organized. Happy with the service."

by Damon 12 months

"Solved my issue within 2 hours! Very satisfied with their service and highly recommended!"

by Amie over 1 year

"Didn't do the job properly. He came to clean the washing machine, but I still seeing lots of dirt inside the washing machine. "

by ansontehd368 over 1 year

"Friendly technician. Quick respond, efficient & on time"

by lynn54 almost 2 years

"Generally good"

by khalil4810d about 2 years

"They come in punctual, bringing all the tools needed, and make the work perfect, I am very happy with their service. "

by andy18433a5 about 2 years

"The fridge lamp was burning. Technician told me will send me the quote for replacement. Till now no story."

by loochoongmeng3a50 about 2 years

"2 technicians from KCS Repair & Services came to inspect the fridge. After inspection they found that there was no defective part. They proceeded with general maintenance services where they took out all the items in the fridge, opened up the inner casing to do some cleaning, de-icing the refrigerant pipe and cleaned all the dust / dirt at the back of the fridge.

2 items I was not satisfied with their service as follows:

1) One of technicians were ill, being able to be observed from the constant sound of running nose and coughing. A mask should have been wore by him during their service in personal premises to prevent spreading of bacteria.

2) After they had done service, I insisted that I would put back the fridge drawers and shelves myself as I took the chance to rearrange the stuff in the fridge. They left the house after that. Then I checked the inner casing and suspected that one part of the inner casing was not properly reinstalled. I immediately called them to come back to check. They came back and admitted their mistake of not reinstalling the inner casing properly. I doubt their proficiency in fridge repair work as I am a layman and I could detect the above mistake. How could they not realized it when they reinstalled it?

3) They removed again the inner casing and performed a reinstallation. Midway they realized one of the screws was missing. And they spent much time to search for that screw. Eventually they managed to find the screw in one of their pockets. And again I had doubt on their proficiency where losing parts of the items being repaired should not happen.

And the above incident occurred for a general maintenance work. I can't imagine their work quality if they were to perform some real repair work.

Hence, I would not recommend KCS Repair and Services again."

by khor47b5a1 about 2 years

"Everything is fine, I am satisfied with the service.

by JS about 2 years

"Profession Service. Explained faulty reason and fix on the spot at reasonable charges."

by gohyeemunb9fb almost 3 years


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