by Kah Lai 16 days

"well done"

by Josephine Siew Wei about 2 months

"Very fast responding. Trustworthy and provide a very responsive considerate services. Resaonable price"

by Afaf Najwa 2 months

"Fast and reliable"

by Mohammed 3 months

"overcharge and tricky service overcharge, traditional cleaning by hand. Terrible attitude "

by Kamal 5 months

"Work completed satisfied.
Response excellent
Service exceptional
Value satisfied."

by Mohammed 6 months

"Overcharged and uses conventional cleaning method which is very inadequate for a proper cleaning service. "

by WJ 6 months

"All charges are up front and none hidden. Pro took time to do job properly and did not rush through. Came well prepared. Came a bit late but the appointment was kept and not cancelled. "

by arthurchin 6 months

"Pro was very professional and upfront about the jobscope. Pro had clear communication beforehand, was punctual and very respectful of the home. Service was also up to expectations. Airconds were cleaned meticulously, housings reassembled with care and tested before leaving. Airconds are as cold as day 1 and i have no complaints. Would not hesitate to recommend and to use their services again."

by Vivian 6 months

"Problem fixed."

by Zulkifli 6 months

"Service is neutral bit a bit too expensive. Too many redundant charges"

by Ezila 6 months

"Services rendered were efficient, reliable and carried out well."

by Sonny 6 months

"Extremely expensive.
Asked to replace parts but aircon still not working. I will definitely share with my network not to use this service anymore. Really disappointed. "

Kmhelec replied 6 months ago

"Dear Mr Sonny We had preinformed you on Troubleshoot and spare parts price before we conducted out duty and you instructed us to change the parts. Cleaning and leaking repair you had put a halt at site. On 15/4/20 at 8.20pm, we had made a conference call between Kenny, you and me and we had informed you that we will go to your house on 16/4/20 @10.30am to restore back your faulty sensor X 2nos (kept with you). However when we called you this morning (16/04/20), you told us NO NEED to come. We had notified Recommend on this issue and your expectations. Thank you "

by Jagdeep 6 months

"Very professional "

by Danial 7 months

"Awesome service n very fast! They are definitely the most reliable one in this chaotic times. Love their service!"

by Ahmad Arif 7 months

"Came exactly on time, very professional approach. They wore masks and gloves the whole time and never took it off. Respect. "

by Allyssa 7 months

"Excellent communication with Joey and great job by experienced technician Kenny. Been having Aircond problem for months and problem resolved immediately by this team. Thanks! "

by Ezila 7 months

"Got Mr Kenny to chemical wash my 3 airconds. All working fine now and cools very fast. Service was efficient and clean, also gave tips on how to care for the aircond every once in a while. Will return to the same company for future servicing. "

by Melissa 7 months

"5 star service! Manager is very clear with quotation with swift response to every queries I had. Despite the ongoing MCO, services provided were excellent & exceeds expectation. Highly recommended to repair all your aircond woes, thanks again!"

by Roslawati 7 months

"On time & great service"

by ooi 7 months

"on time, expedite and efficient."