by QAMRUDDIN 2 months

"Never did the job"

Ammar replied 4 days ago

"Sorry i accidentally remaks the jobs is done,my boss dont tell me about it..ids done or not (Clerk)"

by Rohana 7 months

"The price reasonable and the team work is very good and completed their job fast"

Ammar replied 7 months ago

"Alhamdulillah..t.kasih banyak2 puan "

by Jeff 10 months

"Responsive contractor"

by devan148306 almost 2 years

"Highly recommended. Specialised in electrical work. Charges was very reasonable unlike some cut-throat contractors. Not calculative. Did some minor work for me without any charges! Overall I am very satisfied and will not hesitate to engage his service again. "

by Azli almost 2 years

"Servis yg sgt bagus.. kerja yg bersungguh2.. akan recommend pada kawan2"

by Jenny almost 2 years

"Goodbye "

by yusnizambinhassanie609 over 2 years

"Everything is perfect, I am very happy with their service. "

by Azmi over 2 years

"the service was good and the workers are friendly."

by Ryanis over 2 years

"Good cooperation and deal. Quick service and on time. Will keep continue deal with them for future."

by noorsyafiqshaari83a2 over 2 years

"Excellent job. Quick service and satisfied with the service. Will definitely call him back for any trouble."

by manpreet2a94c almost 3 years

"Prompt and honest service given in short notice. Yes, i would like to recommend for this company."

by alicia427645 almost 3 years


by faizalismailbe08 almost 3 years

"Prompt and honest service. Yes, i would like to recommend for this company. "

by Hartini almost 3 years

"Easy to communicate and very helpful. Highly recommended "

by yugathevi4bb2 almost 3 years

"Did a good job in a short time."

by jessie25 almost 3 years

"Good service highly recommended"

by melvinleec703 almost 3 years

"Honest work"

by serena10 about 3 years

"Humble, earnest worker - easy to communicate and work with. "

by Nanthini about 3 years

"good service. highly recommended"