In this Interior+ Design's Nidoz Desa Petaling project, the image showcases a sleek, contemporary walk-in closet. The space is well-organized, with rich wooden textures and charcoal hues, paired with soft lighting that accentuates the clean lines of the modern cabinetry. Mirrors are strategically placed to enhance the room's depth, making it a perfect blend of functionality and style for a sophisticated home decor enthusiast. #ContemporaryDesign #ModernHome #WalkInCloset #InteriorDesignKL #InteriorPlusDesign
Album: Nidoz Desa Petaling
Location grey Desa Petaling, Kuala Lumpur
Stack of money Estimated price : RM130000.0
Completed 3D Concept 1200 - 1800 sqft Condo / Apartment Contemporary