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Good cleaners. Focused on their job.


Fast and prompt work


The supervisor, Issac is good and do detailed cleaning but he is not there full time.

The 2 young workers are not detailed. The corners inside all the drawers are dirty, we have to check, ask them to clean again, check and still some not clean. Bathroom are left wet, asked them to clean 3 times, in the end we have to clean by ourselves and dry, the cabinet door are wet still. When we asked them to remove the plaster ceiling on chairs and floor, a lot are still there. They said it can’t be removed. However, when we tried, it can be removed with just wet cloth and scrubbing.

Lastly, the cleaning materials and tools brought along are mere minimal. No sight of broom or vacuum. Floor are "cleaned" by mopping without sweeping or vacuuming first which resulted in still dusty and sticky floor.

Totally not worth the price paid and we would rather hire those part time maids for half the price.


Did post-renovation cleaning. Really good & clear communications by Herman. Good value as charged based on completion of work, not based on time. I left them at 9 am and came back at 4 pm to a big surprise how clean the house was. And they helped to organise my furnitures. Had 1 local male worker and 2 female Indonesian workers. A supervisor, Alan, came and dropped them off and gave them instructions of what to do. Alan came again later in the afternoon to check on the work before calling to tell the cleaning work was done.


Rani was very helpful, attentive and cooperative to my needs. Thank you


Herman follow up promptly.
Cleaners attitude need to be more proactive and professional, excuses of doing things.
Supervisor need to check the jobs instead of keep asking client which parts yet to clean.


Value for money.. good service..


Efficient and clean


I was provided with 3 cleaners and 1 supervisor. Organization of work was poorly done. Post cleaning inspection found that - drawers and cupboards were still dusty, toilets had sand on the floor with water splashes not wiped dry on tops, mirrors and shower screen, glass panels were blurry because they ran out of newspapers. Overall quality is disappointing.

Guest Yichin6a75 20 August 2018, 08:47

To add on - cleaners were always talking and they did not bring enough equipments.


Post Renovation cleaning for my small condo. Remove debris and wipe all windows and doors due to dusty and stains left over renovations. Responsive coordinator keep me updated on schedule, work progress and after completion pictures update. Price is reasonable and best with RecomN promo codes.

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