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11 Reviews for LNM Cleaners


Excellent cleaning service by the cleaners!


Clean the house especially the kitchen. Cleaner was doing work efficiently


Overall is good


They accepted my last-minute job request and arrived on time.
Cleaners super fast clean my dusty and mass house in 2hrs.

Lnm Cleaner replied 27 days ago

thank q so much


both of the kakak , clean everything thoroughly. it was really a great job. would recommend other to try. reaches slightly late but understandable due to car breakdown.


Good service

Lnm Cleaner replied 27 days ago

thank q so much .madam


Delay in arrival from 1.30 pm to 2.23pm. Happy that pro called to inform the delay, with good excuse (road block). Girls were attentive, obliging and fast. I’m happy otherwise, just need to clear your schedule 1 hour around the promised time. Otherwise will recommend and order again. I took the one where I provide the equipments and cleaning products.


The cleaner was more than 1 hour late, without notice. I booked for cleaning services with cleaning tools, but the cleaner came without vacuum and few other stuff. The cleaner had to borrow my pail & broom. When contacted, the company said that they were lacking vacuum on the day and they were not familiar with the area, hence the late arrival. I got RM10 off from the whole service after my complaint about the lacking tools and late arrival.



Lnm Cleaner replied 7 months ago

thank q sir


The cleaners helped to organize my things and throw the garbage as well. They wiped all of the surface in my bedroom and bathroom. They are the pro! Now my room feels bigger because everything is so clean and tidy. Thanks so much! It's very recommended.

Lnm Cleaner replied 7 months ago

thank q sister

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