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im eric from renovare painting and cleaning service......

We are giving best and quick service to our customers. And according to your requirment we can arrange more than 1 person. We are taking all responsibilities during our work time.

"Quite happy with the final result of Eric's work. The most humble and polite contractor we have ever met. He is not calculative at all and put extra effort to ensure work is done perfectly. Overall great work! " —wendy41

"Would recommend them to anyone doing a renovation project. Job was done neatly and on-time. However, if there are any small, delicate details on your ceiling or walls, its best to provide them the suitable painting brushes required as they only bring along the standard rollers and 2.5 inch brush. Overall was good and price was reasonable. " —Farah

"Quality of workmanship was really good, they were on-time and took extra effort to ensure the completeness of work on time. " —Chetan

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