This image showcases a contemporary-industrial bedroom designed by MIL Design & Construction, featuring a bold blue wall with stylishly framed monochromatic ampersand and letter 'M' art pieces. A warm wood headboard complements the theme, with a matte black sconce adding a functional yet chic touch. Part of a spacious, airy condo without walls or false ceilings, the bedroom seamlessly merges living spaces, highlighted by consistent color themes and industrial elements like the stone-tiled bathroom.
Album: No Walls or False Ceiling for Henry Golding’s Condo in Bangsar
Location grey Bangsar
Stack of money Estimated price : RM280000.0
Completed Living Living Room Bathroom Kitchen Dining Room Bedroom 1200 - 1800 sqft Kitsch Industrial Contemporary Industrial Hallway Carpentry Flooring Wetworks Plaster Ceiling Painting Kitchen Cabinet Curtain Electrical Lighting Furniture