No Walls or False Ceiling for Henry Golding’s Condo in Bangsar
Location grey Bangsar
Stack of money Estimated price : RM280000.0
Completed Living Living Room Bathroom Kitchen Dining Room Bedroom 1200 - 1800 sqft Kitsch Industrial Contemporary Industrial Hallway Carpentry Flooring Wetworks Plaster Ceiling Painting Kitchen Cabinet Curtain Electrical Lighting Furniture

A TV host and movie celebrity (Mr Henry Golding) wanted a bright, spacious condominium for him and his wife to live in.

He approached and we matched him with MIL Design. The result is a completely open plan that does away with most of the walls and even the false ceiling. The results is a beautiful airy space that is filled with light from the large windows.

The design brief was for a "kitsch style mixed with a slight 'brutalist' language". This unconventional request was met with glee by the designers. Even though the space is 1,450 square feet, it feels much bigger than that!

The designers made sure that there was no clear boundary between living, dining, or chill out areas. The open ceiling continues into the bedroom, with similar blue colour theme. The bathroom was covered in grey stone tiles to continue the industrial theme.