by AZHAR 8 months

"No doubt I was given 1 yr warranty for the motor. And it broke down 2 weeks after the 1 yr., as if it was premeditated. So can I get a quality product supplier."

by Du 10 months

"I like the service so mush,good job"

by Ooi about 1 year

"Charging RM450.00 is way above my expectation. One unit defrost timer and defrost thermostat would cost less than RM100.00. The service charge is more than RM350.00 for less than one hour job which is unreasonable. I can buy both of this spare part online ( RM40.00 for defrost timer and RM30.00 for defrost thermostat) for less the RM100."

by Tanti about 1 year

"Good service."

by Shazwan over 1 year

"Very professional"

by Sharareh over 1 year

"Pro was professional and very on time"

by SUIJETA over 1 year

"He came with no solution stating my fridge was under warranty. I wanted a temporary solution as it was the weekend. And he collected RM50 for nothing."

by Rorzlan almost 2 years

"Very knowlegable n expienced..."

by Wahid almost 2 years

"Bcoz he solved my problem but charged me too hefty. "

by dewirazlin629d almost 2 years

"Their service is excellent, I would recommend it to others. "

by alanchind48b almost 2 years

"very experienced technician"

by keith21a4ed almost 2 years

"Mistui manage to fixed my fridge, I am satisfied with their service."

by kentchin6c23 almost 2 years

"Everything is good, I am satisfied with the service."

by sandra53fdb5 almost 2 years

"Everything is very good, the technician is very honest, I am very satisfied with their service. "

by paramas48409 almost 2 years

"The SP posponed the service date for one or two days, but they actually fixed the fridge well."

by eddiewongd5a2 almost 2 years

"nice person"

by adrian78b26d about 2 years

"slight premium but worth it given the 1 yr warranty. Job done on the spot by local expert with vast experience. I had unpleasant encountered with "foreigner expert" & not satisfied tho is cheaper with only 3m to 6m warranty. "

by mikiootsu17c4 about 2 years

"Need time to recovery"

by melvynlaud677 over 2 years

"After my fridge broke down on Saturday and the first concern I had was where to find an electrician who would be willing to work on the following Sunday mornig (It's a race against time as the food items were thawing).

Thankfully Mitsui's Electrician(s) works on weekends - and I would certainly request their services again in the future. The technician was polite, responsive, and managed to diagnose the issue. But, amazingly, he even had the spare parts available to replace the faulty one - so that was a HUGE relief.

10/10 would recommend.

by leeeeman29f0 over 2 years

"yes, fast response

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