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Momma Loco brings to you delicious cakes, cookies and pies made with creativity and loads of love! We weave a little magic with some customisation too! Be it your child's favourite toy, your partner's love for sport or your girlfriend's craze for shoes and handbags, we make any occasion all the more memorable and magical.

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5.0 (based on 12 reviews)


Shireen Tan Mei29 October 2015, 17:20

Last year I ordered my husband's birthday cake from Momma Loco Cakes & Bakes. It was a Liverpool Football Club "Liver Bird" logo & a little figurine of my hubby with a football.
The cake looked fabulous and it tasted awesome... Moist and rich in taste.
My husband was really surprised when he saw that figurine of him - he said "it looked like a mini version of him looking back at his face!"
So... Yes! You will hv no regrets getting your customized cake for your special occasion from Momma Loca...


Leong Jin Li22 October 2015, 18:15

Thank you Momma Loco Cakes & Bakes for the lovely and yummiie cakes. I've ordered 2 and it was delivered as what I requested. Was very tempted not to cut it as it was just perfect. Cakes weren't too sweet as buying from a bakery.

Thank you Momma for the lovely cakes. More orders on the way.



Didi04 October 2015, 19:19

Momma's cake was amazing!I ordered a naughty but nice cake and Momma came up with a jaw dropping busty bosom sculpture that "blew" my husbands' mind, and he LOVED it! The cake itself was moist and flavourful. Not only that, the cake was soft and supple like the real deal ;) .Would definitely recommend Momma Loco to my family and friends. Thank you very much Momma. The night ended with a BANG! ;)


Ramona Lawrence28 September 2015, 11:36

When my 11yr old decided she'd like a SEWING MACHINE for her b-day cake... I knew there was only one place to go!! Momma made her a spectacular cake with delicious, gorgeous fondant details (i.e. buttons, fabric, spools of thread, pin cushion etc) It was heartbreaking to have to cut into it but well worth it once we got to taste the yummy and moist Jaffa orange cake with chocolate ganache within. Thank you very much, Momma Loco! :-D

Medium unicorn2 Momma Loco Cakes & Bakes 28 September 2015, 20:35

A sewing machine cake request is a rarity hence it was fun to work on. With chevron detailing thrown in the mix, it added to what we thrive on best: a unique design. Glad you enjoyed the unique flavour of the Jaffa and Ganache combo. Thanks so much for the order!


Suguna Rethinasamy27 September 2015, 18:06

I ordered a Scottish castle with a dragon and what I got was a castle, dragon and me riding the was breathtaking and all my guests could not stop taking pictures of the cake. Sadly we had to cut it and eat it but the pictures are there to remember the cake.
The butter cake and icing was delicious as well. A true masterpiece.

Medium unicorn2 Momma Loco Cakes & Bakes 28 September 2015, 20:31

The Scottish castle cake was a monster order but was truly exciting to work on as it was different from the usual pink, princess variety. It was a good thing you let on about your impending trip to Scotland, so we added a rugged facade to match what you'd see on your trip. You riding the dragon? Well, you waxed lyrical on how you love Merlin, hence we decided to add a little of your fantasy into the design. Glad you love the cake as we loved working on it! Thanks so much!


annu k26 September 2015, 14:40

I just wanted to say thank you for the four amazing birthday cakes you made for us. It was a really design and tasted totally delicious, my daughter love the Gift and Elsa whereby my son love the Spiderman and Cars design cakes.

Medium unicorn2 Momma Loco Cakes & Bakes 27 September 2015, 02:15

Thank you so much! Two cakes for each birthday was an interesting challenge but definitely fun from the creative aspect. It felt great to be part of giving your kids the extra special birthday experience that you wanted for them.


Su24 September 2015, 22:46

I had only just 3 days to my son birthday party. She came to my rescue. And her cake was extremely pretty like done with full of love. She even sent to me on time. And the cake was nice.

Medium unicorn2 Momma Loco Cakes & Bakes 24 September 2015, 23:12

Thank you Su Ling! It was a pleasure working on your son's cake. And yes! all cakes from Momma Loco Cakes & Bakes are made with full of love!


Nicole Rodrigues24 September 2015, 19:32

I ordered cupcakes for my twins 9th birthday ..! Everyone loved the cup cakes as it was moist, delicious n not to sweet !! I loved how it was creatively decorated ( mad hatter theme party") thank you momma for the awesome cup cakes !

Medium unicorn2 Momma Loco Cakes & Bakes 24 September 2015, 23:14

Thank you Nicole! I enjoyed working on your cupcakes because each cupcake had a different hat and it was fun to come up with a mix of girly ones and boyish ones as well as some Harry Potter themed ones!


annaedward24 September 2015, 15:20

This is one baker that really goes out of the way to meet your needs. The cake that I got was not only delicious but the decoration blew me away. It was true to life and showed just how much the baker had paid attention to all the stories I had told her! In one word: AMAZING!

Medium unicorn2 Momma Loco Cakes & Bakes 24 September 2015, 23:18

Thank you Anna! Captivating a personal characteristic and designing it into a cake is something we thrive on at Momma Loco Cakes & Bakes! One of my most favourite cakes to date is the "Sleeping Anna and pet dog Peaches with her paws all up in the air!


DorisYoong24 September 2015, 10:04

I doing a very special birthday cake for my mum. She likes to buy toto and play mahjong. So Momma Loco creatively did a God of fortune cake with all those decorative my mum like.

It touched her heart! Thank you Momma!

Medium unicorn2 Momma Loco Cakes & Bakes 24 September 2015, 23:20

Thank you for the order Doris! It was fun working on your mum's cake and seeing her face when I delivered it was priceless! So happy it made her day!

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