by Suraya about 8 hours

"Good service! Will repeat again!"

[email protected] replied about 7 hours ago

"Tq for the review "

by Qistina 2 days

"Excellent service, fast, clean and so satisfied. Thank you."

[email protected] replied 2 days ago

"Thank you so much ma'm."

by Iskandar 4 days

"Job is done. What else could I ask for. Thank you"

[email protected] replied 4 days ago

"Thank you very much sir."

by Muhammad 8 days

"Good service. Efficient. Friendly. "

[email protected] replied 7 days ago

"Thank you very much sir."

by Teong Meng 10 days

"Good service"

[email protected] replied 10 days ago

"Thank you so much sir."

by Sharon 11 days

"took great care to protect and clean up below aircons, and clean up after themselves. good job."

[email protected] replied 11 days ago

"Thank you so much madam."

by NRUSINGH 14 days

"Provided Excellent Service . Thanks a lot"

[email protected] replied 14 days ago

"Thank you very much sir."

by Chek Min 14 days

"Very punctual, in fact the team arrived earlier than the agreed time. They keep the area clean after job is done. Polite technicians. "

[email protected] replied 14 days ago

"Thank you very much sir."

by Komeng 14 days

"Very good service"

[email protected] replied 14 days ago

"Terima kasih bankye2 Encik."

by Teong Meng 19 days


[email protected] replied 19 days ago

"Thank you sir"

by Christopher 20 days

"Very friendly and professional."

[email protected] replied 20 days ago

"Thank you so much madam."

by Ehsan Elahi 24 days

"They all worked really profesional.Neat in workplace and friendly.Definitely will use their service again"

[email protected] replied 23 days ago

"Thank you very much sir. "

by Nahar 25 days

"Punctual, diligent and honest. "

[email protected] replied 25 days ago

"Thank you very much sir."

External Review
by Vashti about 2 months

"The kakaks did an extremely good job in cleaning my house. They wiped the shelves, cleaned the toilets well, dusting, and even cleaned my fans. Will recommend this team, definitely!"

External Review
by Chin about 2 months

"Reasonable price, excellent service, fast and efficient, punctual, and they being helpful and friendly."

External Review
by Akmal about 2 months

"The lady(cleaner) did a really good cleaning job for the entire home. She's friendly, punctual, and moves at lightning speed, very happy with her work. Thank you."

External Review
by Dhill 2 months

"Good cleaning team, they came prepared. Satisfied with the cleaning job done, thanks!"

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